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Thad Broom

The big red one. Convoyed my platoon all the way to woopoo from ft Riley. My wife acted as advanced party. It was a fun summer. I taught tactical communications one summer at camp Buckner.

Don Lair

I returned from Vietnam in February 1971 and joined the History Department.  It was a new department and they were not used to having people arrive mid-year.  So I did odd jobs: substitute teaching, funeral escort officer, department gofer.  My best job was as a tactical officer in Beast Barracks 1971.  The History Department loaned me to the Tactics Department and I was paired with a regular Tac for the summer.  All the regular beast Barracks Tacs were paired with a loaner like me.  It lightened their load, particularly in pulling duties like OC.  I worked with a great Tac, and it was a great summer.  When I pulled OC duty I could invite friends to dine with me on the Poop Deck.  The OC had his own waiter up there.  Extra steaks on Wednesday night?  Not a problem.

From September 1971 to June 1974 I pulled an oar in the slave galley otherwise known as the History Department.  I taught European History for three years.  It was a good cruise.  Seriously, the History Department was a good three years, and I made a lot of new friends among the faculty.  I don’t know where that EE reference came from.

Other classmates in the History Department were Don Williamson and Dave Armstrong.  They both taught History of the Military Art, now called Military History.

Joe Szwarckop

Harry Harrison

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