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Douglas Bennett


Arthur Conlon


Gene Blackwell


Robert DeVries


John Campbell


Walter Brown


Ring Melt

Dear Classmates,

On Monday 7 March, I was privileged and honored to attend the 11th annual West Point Ring Memorial Program, often called the Ring Melt as your representative and as a donor. The Program is one of the services that the West Point Association of Graduates, WPAOG, provides to the graduates and their families. To learn more about this program you can visit the AOG web site, http://www.westpointaog.org

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President Kennedy’s Graduation Address to the Class of 1962

Most college graduates when asked who gave their graduation address and what did they say do not have any recollection. Well, for some unknown reason, I have a copy of the White House press release of President Kennedy’s remarks to us. Each time I read them they become more timeless. Inasmuch as we just passed the 36th anniversary of our graduation, I’m sending JFK’s remarks in their entirety. I have no idea how this came into my possession, but I thought you all might like a copy of it.

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Joe Wojcic

Plebe Baseball with Numerals
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62 Donors


The above Plaque is at the Door to Room 405 Hotel Thayer


1.  I know this is messy – I am addressing issues as I work out the

2.  The below listing of Class accomplishments will hang in The Thayer Hotel’s Room 405 Honoring the 1953 1954 Corps of Cadets and their Football Team.  I want visitors to know what ’62 did. What we did for our Country.  The Room is fully paid for, but you must send me a dollar (or something) if you wish to be included in the listing.  It is a listing  of ’62 Donors.

3.  The Core Contributors paid a great deal more than a Dollar.

4.  If you do not wish to be listed please tell me. Even if you do not wish to be listed, Please consider writing one for a Roommate, Teammate or someone you really respect.

5.  As for length – Denny Reimer wanted to reduce his listing as it was too long.  I said no because I wanted “These are my Credentials” Please hold your write up to less than Denny’s write up.  I know I need to reduce some of what I  have written.

3.  The names I am adding requires me to use our Howitzer, 2010 Register of Graduates, and ’62 Contacts (for Wife names).   I tried indicating Classmates or Wives lost by Bold or Italic, but it does not work.  You will see how Vietnam losses are listed.

4.  Send your listing and unit Crests  – to ThinkcreativelyA@aol.com

Follow up with a dollar to
Phil Burns
608 Portside Dr
Davidson, NC 28036

One unresolved problem is if we have lost a Classmate and the wife has a double name, I list Classmates full name & Wife with a double name.

5.  Crests may line the left border while your unit crests will go after your name.  You may send as many Crests as you desire – you must indicate the order of the listing next to your name.  Look at Frank Reasoner’s listing.  The Purple Heart is for Killed in Action, the Medal of Honor is next, with Marine Corps and 1st Divison

6.  At the bottom -you can see how I handled the ’54 – ’57 and how I handled material under our Crest.  We are only allowed 7 (maybe 9) hangings in the Room.  I will go and select which hangings to be removed, even if it takes 2 hangings for ’62. I want to tell what we did.

His Dad took him to the ’53 Army Duke Game. He still recalls the sound of
The Bugles, The Drums, The Chanting –
The Incessant Chanting – GO! GO!! GO!!!

8.  At the bottom of the page are 5 Class Crests.  The Donors  from ’54, ’55, ’56, and ’57 are represented.  In addition individuals who contributed to the success of the “53 Team are listed.  ’62’s Crest is also included and contains information relating to that Fall.


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Class of 1962 – We Remember & Thanks

Class of 1962 – We Remember & Thanks

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Ray Pendleton

Numerals, and 3 Army A’s in Pistol. Ray was an All-American in each of of his three Corps Squad years, as well as set an Academy record. Ray won a National Individual Championship. He was a member of Sailing, Ski, and Skin Diving Clubs

Dave McLaughlin

Swimming 4 Years Numerals & 2 Monograms, Judo Club, Water Polo Club

Judo Club

by “Dave McLaughlin”

When “Lee Taylor” & I first started rooming together I saw his Judo Gi and asked him about it and then asked if he would teach me. We proceeded to workout in our own time and slowly gathered other cadets from our own class and other classes. When I wasn’t swimming or playing water polo we were practicing Judo. We had formed quite a good club but it was not “Official”. After several petitions the Comm. finally authorized us as a full competitive sports club in Sept 1961, with the proviso that we did not enter any competition. The Supt. and the Comm. figures that we were a new club without any experience and did not want us to make the Academy look bad.

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’62 Armor Files

Members of the West Point Class of 1962 assigned to Armor branch standing in front of the Patton Monument at West Point. In 1962 the monument was still in its original position, facing the old Cadet library. The old library was demolished and the new library erected on the original site of the Patton Monument. The monument was placed in storage for over four years while the new library was constructed, then reinstalled in its present location.

Ron Chisholm

’62’s Last All-Time Record Holder

In his final year, Ron Chisholm held opponents to 2.18 goals per game, an Academy record that has stood for 46 years. This was the last Academy individual or team record belonging to the Class of 1962.

Ron had a sensational career but this writer is only now realizing it.

His 50 career wins in goal is third all-time and put him first by 13 wins at graduation.

His 1639 career saves is 11th all-time but was first by 41 saves at graduation.

His career goals-against average of 2.53 is 4th all-time but was first by about a full goal at graduation.

His career save percentage of .905 is fifth all-time but was tops at graduation.

His ten career shutouts is second all-time but was first by six shutouts at graduation.

In addition to his all-time record for goals-against per game in First Class year (now 2nd), his Cow year mark is still 9th best and his Yearling year mark is 13th. Ron stood first, second, and third in this category at graduation!

His save percentage in his last year puts him second all-time but he was first at graduation.

His five shutouts First Class year puts him second but first at graduation.

He received the Henry “Hal” Beukema Award as the most valuable player on the hockey team in 1962.

By my count, then, Ron Chisholm held ten all-time Army hockey records when we graduated. That includes most wins in a season -17 (twice – 60-61 and 61-62). Ron also held the most saves in a season at around 605 (exact number not available). Was it just me who did not know this?

The hockey media guide is a good one and mining this Ron Chisholm data from it resulted in the discovery of a very interesting sub-story, one that might support a mini-series.

The goalie for the 1962-63 season was Jack Shephard,Class of 1963. The year after that, the goalie was Neil Mieras, Class of 1964. So each of those guys got to start in goal for one year. Well, Shephard eclipsed Ron in three of the all-time goalie records and Mieras tied him for another! These three goalies put together a five-year run of excellence unequalled in the annals of Army hockey history.

So visualize Shepard and Mieras, top goalies, riding the bench for two full years waiting for the man ahead to graduate. There is a story there and I hope someone will come forward with it.

Mack Howard


1953 – 1954 United States Cadet Corps

This is the draft write up which will be posted on the Thayer web site – the next to the last listing under dedicated rooms – and appropriately, sandwiched between Jim Kimsey and the ’58 Team

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Jim Andress

Indoor Track Plebe Year
Fencing Club

Dave Phillips

62’s Sports Historian

Dave did not have the skills in the early 60’s to make the Basketball or Baseball Teams, however he does have the skill today to wear a Braves Uniform.

No one in ’62 and perhaps most Classes spent more time supporting Army Teams than Dave.