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1952 Team

1952 Army 4-4-1
1952/11/29 Army 0 – Navy 7 L

Coach: Earl Henry “Red” Blaik (February 15, 1897 – May 6, 1989)
Dartmouth 1934-1940 – 45-15-4
Army: 1941-1958 – 121-33-10
Overall: 166-48-14
All-American, 1919
AFCA Coach of the Year (1946)
College Football Hall of Fame Inducted in 1964


















MG Ames Albro*

Fred Attaya by W. McWilliams

LTC Darrell Anderson*

CPT Herbert Booth*

James Carroll

Col Paul Driscoll*

William Epling

Paul Garneau

Jay Gould

Col Rufus Hutchenson*

William Jesse*

Donald Kirklighter*

LTC Donald Lewis*

Jack Logan

Bill McVeigh*

Bob Mischak by W. McWilliams

LTC John Morris*

LTC George O’Brien*

1LT William Purdue*

Col Teodorico Sanchez*

John Shelter*

Lowell Sisson by W. McWilliams

Ben Schemmer*

LTG Lawrence Skibbie*

Col Scott Wetzel*

CPT Don York*

*Classmates, Friends & A2 Company Mates In Memory of Days Gone By – –

Dr. Jay Gould III

Tommy Bell by W. McWilliams

John Clayton*

Joe Franklin

MG Carl McNair

William & Veronica McWilliams

Ski Ordway by J. Franklin and W. McWilliams

Benjamin Roberts

MAJ Alex Rupp*

Ralph Chesnauskas

Bob Farris

Don Holleder by B. Farris and R. Chesnauskas

Col. Russell Mericle

Pat Uebel by P. Burns

Peter Vann by B. Farris and R. Chesnauskas

Jerry Wynn by B. Farris and R. Chesnauskas

Bob Christiansen

Jospeh Cygler

Donald & Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Howard Haupt

Tom Kehoe

Nick Monaco

James H. Morgan

Jerry Patterson

Leonard P. Wishart III

F.R. Stevens

John H. Stokes III

Den & Barbara Benchoff

Glen & Ann Blumhardt

Bob & Sue Brogi

As a kid, Bob would climb a tall oak on the North end of Michie to watch the Black Knights play

Phil & Molly Burns

John & Hanh Easterbrook

James & Carol Ellis

Marlene Garvey for Dick

Jim & Jeane Kays

Alfred & Lynda Rushatz

John & Peggy Wagner

For my 814 Classmates who entered West Point in July 1958 Anonymous

Morris Herbert – Class of 1950 Number of us (classmates) listened to the ’53 Navy Game on the radio — it was at Fort Bliss. We were all 1st Lts or Captains. When Pat Uebel scored his 3rd touchdown of the day, one of my classmates leaped up in glee, and accidentally sat down in the bowl of potato salad!

Coach & Mrs. Hugh Wyatt Created the Black Lion Award Honoring Don Holleder and the Other Black Lions Lost 10/17/1967

Terry & Mary Tibbetts – – Author A Spartan Game: The Life and Loss of Don Holleder

Ed White

Awaiting material

Bob Wheeler

Along with John Claybrook ’52 and Jack Kleburg ’52 they dominated Collegic Gymnastics during their four years. West Point Gymnastics lost only a few meets in the first three years, while the Team went undefeated their Firstie Year earning Army The National Championship in 1952.

Jack Kleburg

Along with John Claybrook ’52 and Bob Wheeler ’52 they dominated Collegic Gymnastics during their four years. West Point Gymnastics lost only a few meets in the first three years, while the Team went undefeated their Firstie Year earning Army The National Championship in 1952.

John Claybrook

John — Still tied for the World Record in the Rope Climb. Along with Jack Kleburg ’52 and Bob Wheeler ’52 they dominated Collegic Gymnastics during their four years. West Point Gymnastics lost only a few meets in the first three years, while the Team went undefeated their Firstie Year earning Army The National Championship in 1952.G

Jim McInerney

ECAC Boxing Champion
awaiting data

Vince Bailey

Baseball — Shortstop
Awaiting data

Dick Inman

Dick Inman ’52 clears his hurdle in the 4X120 shuttle hurdle relay, Penn Relays, Saturday, 26 April 1952. Note the race was run on the infield grass at Franklin Field, due to heavy rain. Army placed second in the event, though they were given championship watches because the Air Force service team placing first was ineligible to
compete in the college division, but was trying for an berth on the 1952 U.S. Olympic team. Other Army shuttle hurdle relay team members were Ed White ’52, Bill Purdue ’54, and Larry Johnson ’52. (Photo courtesy of the Penn Relays’ Director.)

Dick played B Squad Football Yearling and Cow Years but was one of only 4 Football players who was not found in 1951. Dick played A Squad the fall of 1951 his Firstie year.

Richard George Inman ’52, who was killed in action leading his platoon to safety on “Pork Chop Hill”, in Korea, on 7 Jul 1953, three weeks before the armistice was signed. Dick was a letterman on the 1951 Army football team.

Joseph Clair Austin

The ties that bind Army Athletes

In 1952, Cadet Joe Austin of the U.S. Military Academy Lacrosse Team used a six foot stick while playing crease attack. Joe made an all-time West Point record of ten goals in one game and had a career total of eighty goals for three years of play which (when the story was told) was still a school record. He was selected 1st team All-American at attack.

In 1962, the then Captain Joe Austin of the United States Air Force, was an assistant coach of the Army Lacrosse Team. Bob Fuellhart ’62, the second Lonely End, (following Bill Carpenter) on the Football Team, was playing on the Army Lacrosse Team as a defense man. Bob became very distressed when his favorite stick was broken in scrimmage. Assistant Coach Joe Austin, who had treasured his six foot high scoring attack stick for ten years generously loaned it to Fuellhart.

The head of the stick was much narrower than we liked for defensive use in those days but Bob felt that it helped his throwing and catching. (Today almost every defense stick has a head of this size which put Bobby much ahead of his time.) Appropriately, Fuellhart became first team All-American at close defense and won the Schmeisser Award as the outstanding defense man of 1962. Bill Carpenter was recipient of the Schmeisser Award in 1960.

This would seem to be quite a rarity for two players Joe and Bob, in two opposite positions, ten years apart, utilizing the same stick to become outstanding players of their times. Both Joe Austin and Bob Fuellhart were killed in the Vietnam War in the mid 1960’s.

Joe Austin, awarded 2 Silver Stars, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Purple Heart was first declared missing 19 March 1969, and confirmed Killed In Action 25 May 79.

Bill Carpenter was nominated for the Medal of Honor received the Distinguished Service Cross.

Bob Fuellhart, awarded a Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars (V), and Purple Heart, was Killed in Action 12 Aug 65, the day his daughter was born.

A Half Century of Lacrosse by William H. (Dinty) Moore III, the long-time Lacrosse Coach at Navy. It was told to Moore by Army Coach Jim (Ace) Adams. Edited by Butch Darrell Captain 1962 Lacrosse Team

Cadet Days

Joseph Clair Austin

Nickname ?

Class of 1952

Company B-1

Home: 2003 Center St. Moundsville, W. Va.

Born 30 June 1929

Moundsville High School – Graduated 1947

USAF – 19 June 1947 to 19 June 1948

Prep School @ Stewart Field – 3 months Jan 1948

Appointment: State at Large – Senator Kilgore

Date of Entry to Academy?

Date of Graduation ?

Age at Graduation 23

Cullum Number 18680

Cadet Rank & Military Position

  • Captain – Cadet Adjutant of the 1st Regiment

    Height ?

  • Entry
  • Graduation

    Weight ?

  • Entry
  • Playing weight
  • Graduation

    Teams – Lacrosse

    Coaches / Assistant Coaches ?

    Officer Representative

    Lacrosse Team Captain 1952

    Position Played – Crease Attack

    Award of Army A

  • Plebe Year Class Numerals
  • Army A Yearling, Cow, and Firstie Years

    Team Recognition

  • Co- champions with Princeton 1952

    Academy Recognition ?

    Individual Recognition

  • 10 goals against Cornell in 1952, 80 goals 3 years

    Individual Records

  • National
  • Regional
  • League

    Individual Recognition

  • Plebe
  • Yearling
  • Cow Year – Honorable Mention All American
  • Firstie Year – First Team All American

    Post Season Play – 1952 All Star Game North Team


    Significant events, Information, or Write Up about Athlete ?

  • Pointer, Pointer View, New York Times, (Note Home Town Paper was Wheeling News-Register, Wheeling W. Va.)

    Relationship with

  • Tactical Department ?

    Committees and Staff

  • In Support of Corps


  • General Committee, French Club, Camera Club, Ski Club
  • Intramurals

    Class Standing 186 out of ?

    Turn Out Stars ?

    Officer Assignment to the Academy ?

  • Department
  • Coach or Officer Representative

    Military Career

  • Officer Rank – Colonel
  • Advanced Education
  • 1. MS Industrial Administration- Carnegie Tech 1956-1958
  • 2. MS Operations Research – NYU 1962-1962
  • 3. MS Public Administration – George Washington University 1962-1964
  • Listed as Missing in Action 19 March 1967 changed to Killed in Action 25 May 1979
  • Awards – 2 Silver Stars, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Purple Heart


  • Wife – Beverly Joan Marino Austin
  • Sons Joseph John and Thomas David Austin

    Command of the 34thTactical Fighter Squadron

  • Richard Shea

    Dick Shea breaks the tape in his second successive two-mile championship, Penn Relays, 1951.

    Dick Shea ’52, captain of Army’s track team, breaks the tape in his third successive two-mile run championship, in the 1952 Penn Relays, Friday, 25 April 1952. Note the muddy track and a victory in difficult weather conditions. (Photo courtesy of the Penn Relays Director).

    Dick Shea and runner-up Smith of Penn State, after Dick’s third successive championship two-mile run, Friday, 25 April 1952. (Photo courtesy of the Penn Relays’ Director.).

    “Dick Shea” _ArmyTrack1951_byPap_CSM_May221951