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Ben Schemmer ’54 with Goat and Al Rupp ’55 borrowed Billy XII for a couple of days. Al, a cheerleader, is walking behind and left of Ben Schemmer. Ben, AL and Scotty Wetzel ’54 were the three cadets who went to Annapolis to steal the goat and bring it to West Point. Ben and Al went in a convertible, driven by an enlisted member of the Band, because they thought the goat’s horns would be too large for a sedan. Unknown to them Scotty Wetzel went alone and met Joseph U Weaver a University of Maryland student, and the two groups accidentally met one another after midnight near the goat pen.

Highlights of the ’53 Season

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Jerry Lodge

Army Guard, Army Fullback, Army Wrestler
See 1953 Football Team

1953 Army Duke

Amy Meets 7th Ranked Duke in the Polo Grounds – NYC

What Col Blaik Faced in the Fall of 1953

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General Van Fleet is Remembered

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Why ’62 Nominated the ’53 Football Team for West Point’s Hall of Fame

The Reasons for 62’s Nomination

After the Navy Game —- He ordered the door secured and as he turned to speak his eyes were misty. “I have never coached a team that give me more than you did. I never have coached a team that has given me as much satisfaction. Considering all the conditions since 1951, you have done more for football at West Point than any other team in the history of the Academy”.

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Lowell Sisson

Lowell Remembers

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Bob Mischak – Letter to West Point’s Hall of Fame Selection Committee

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Jay Gould

Class of ’54 Army Cheer Leader

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Bill Albright

Academic Starman and Corps Squad Baseball

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