Army Lore – 2

One a Lacrosse All American Both Football All Americans

He was within a pound or two of 147 when the decision was made. He took off his rubber jacket and got a drink of water. Instead he took the 177 pound class ensuring Army 1st place in the Tournament. Coach Alitz’s expectations of us was never too great.

He only wanted 3 things, 30 years in the Marine Corps; to win the Medal of Honor; to own a bar at the gate to a Marine base. He earned the Medal of Honor. He never earned an A but he was my teammate.

In the winter of 60-61, I asked Fry, (Lawrence Fryermuth) AAA trainer, which Army Athlete Al compared to. Immediately he said Glenn Davis. He went on to say that in physical ability they were equal, but Al had the superior physique.

She coached for only a year.

As one of only four, he has attended every Army Home Football game since 1952. He is an Army All American.

He practiced and practiced. After 4 years of practice he finally broke into the top ten, but with all the practice he had never qualified. He had never earned Class Numerals, nor a Monogram. Finally in the last match of Firstie Year he placed fifth — earning his Army A. He was an Army Rifleman.

They were badly mauled in the first half. Just prior to the start of the 2d half they were told. Steve will quarterback. You will have to figure out how you are going to protect him since he will play with his separated shoulder in a sling. On the first offensive play he took the snap and went untouched for the score. The rout was on.

He was recruited to play quarterback, was told that his arm was good, but he was slow afoot. He adjusted. From his pitching mound he dominated Army Baseball for 3 years; and in the end earning a Gold Medal in the Pan American Games.

He was on the field the entire game and may have averaged 20 tackles a game. College Football Hall of Fame member and All American Bob Anderson credits his own success in running the football to lining up behind this Knute Rockne Award winner and All American lineman.By Dave Phillips ’62 based on Pointer 5 (59-60)

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