Army Lore – 3

Limited to a Few

It was the 2d game, he took the punt, cut inside and went into the dirt. He was out for Penn State. When he returned he was taped thigh to ankle, locking the knee making it impossible to cut. His power runs up the middle still made the difference. He was an All American his Yearling and Cow Years. To us he was an All American all three. He played 6 games, both offense and defense with the torn cartilage.

It was at Wisconsin. As they started to lock up, his opponent gave him a vicious head butt. Everything went red; the flash of pain, the realization of what had been done, and the flow. The ref led him to the side and asked Coach Alitz if he could continue the match. Alitz popped one of his infamous capsules and stuck it under his nose. As the ref mopped up the mat, Coach Alitz packed both nostrils and asked him what he wanted to do. “Stop the flow and let me at him.” He came back out, charged with adrenalin; grabbed his opponent and lifted him high into the air. As he adjusted his arm for the nelson, he was cautioned by the ref “set him down”. He eased his opponent to the mat and the pin. Now it should be noted that he had invited a young Lady, now his wife to the match. Perhaps, just perhaps, not all of the physical prowess he displayed that night was meant to intimidate his opponent.

He played safety with aggressiveness, but at only 157 his team mates called him The Urchin. Against the Sonners he set an Academy record completing 21 passes for 297 yards. Bud Wilkinson the Oklahoma Coach referred to him as one of the finest players he had ever seen. Coach Wilkinson’s game notes.

“If were not for Al, I would never have won my Gold Medal” Doug Blubaugh, Asst. Wrestling Coach and Olympic Gold Medalist. Comment Spring of 2006.

Unknown to him, his medical file stated unfit for commissioning due to the ruined knee he sustained Cow Year. In the last game, of his last year, in a snow storm with the team struggling, he was sent in to quarterback the 2d half. 150s won. Because he gave, his medical file was reviewed and he was allowed to serve.

For Names

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