Army Lore – 4

One of Alitz’s Horses

There are coaches who can put you in for 15 minutes; give you a fresh man every 3; yell at you to hold your head up as you suck in
huge gulps of foul air steaming from under your rubber jacket; then, come over to you as you slouch, dejected against the wall, put an arm around you, ask about academics; and make you just want to give more. Our Coach was one.

The day he was to start his first game, Col Blaik put an arm around his shoulder and said “Son I want you to go in there, lift your legs up, hold your head high and run like a Stallion.” As an All American that is the way he ran for 3 years. (Pointer 5, 59-60)

Early one morning he was seen walking across Lusk Reservoir; on the train ride back from Notre Dame there was only a can of sardines and a crust of bread, he fed the whole train; yet he was mortal. In an exchange with a teammate after the Directive came down telling the football team not to walk across the Plain as their cleats were tearing up the grass, he corrected a teammate starting to cross and was told, “It is the shortest distance to the Gym”. His response was, “Then take your cleats off if you going to walk on the grass”, his teammate used the side walk. We called him St. Peter.

For the good of the team he took a step back from the position where he had earned All American Honors. It became his team.

With both Stu and Al out of the game he finally got his chance in the last few seconds; with his scoop shot he beat Navy, earning his A with Star.

He cut to 167 twice. It hurt to see him give so much for his team. (A teammate who cut 30)

For Names

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