Army Lore – 8

150’s The Early Years

As Plebes each Team played both the Goats and Engineers to a standstill. Although they did not score the points, it was the line standing calf to calf, ankle to ankle out weighted 50 to 75 pounds that won the games. Their coach called them a line of tight butts. As Upper Classmen, members of these two teams contributed to the domination of the league over the next four years, losing only one, but never to Navy.

The offensive huddle and play routine was meticulous and disciplined in every detail, requiring the Army center to be the first to break the huddle. As the center trotted up over the ball, the rest of the team would pause then jog to the line. Not so in the 2d half or against any other team that year. The center was so energized by the Coach’s blistering halftime remarks that he bolted from the huddle and raced to the ball. His 10 teammates followed his lead, storming to the line of scrimmage; a team of fired up football players. The Corps responded and a new method of calling up the twelfth man was born. “A Return to Glory”

Cloyd Boyer, minor league pitching coach for NY Yankees at tryout said to him as he prepared for departure to Vietnam, ” Your fast ball is good enough to pitch in majors, but your curveball needs 3 years of concentrated work, Besides we don’t know whether you will return from Vietnam with all of your appendages intact”

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