Army Lore – 9

Vann to Hollender

DE-FENSE! DE-FENSE! DE-FENSE the thunder continued. Worth Lutz, Duke’s quarterback said after the Game, “The savage cheering of Go!GO!GO! from the West Point stands placed our team in a nervous fright of tension and jitters.” In the Locker room it soon became apparent that the men who had played the entire game were going to need help. Sweat from the Indian Summer heat and players’ prolonged physical exertion had so saturated their T-Shirts worn underneath their pads that the shirts were stuck to their skin. Scissors had to be used to cut and peel the Triple A shirt off. “A Return to Glory”

There was jubilation, yet there was a somber feeling in the room. He ordered the door secured and as he turned to speak his eyes were misty. “I have never coached a team that give me more than you did. I never have coached a team that has given me as much satisfaction. Considering all the conditions since 1951, you have done more for football at West Point than any other team in the history of the Academy.” Leaders give the credit to those who Give (Peter Vann)

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