Bob Loupe

Bob & Janice Loupe

Bob’s keen sense of humor and loquacious personality always kept the basketball team in high spirits and the airways of KDET lively.

The Shot Heard Round The Plain

The 1961-62 team was 10-11 but we will long remember how we beat Navy in the Field House. Stew had fouled out and the straw that stirred the drink for the Army offense, Al DeJardin, had also been disqualified. No matter. One of the five players we had on the floor was Bob Loupe — can anyone name the others? — and his famous scoop shot in the last few seconds was all we needed. Absolutely unforgettable. Navy did have one more chance, but I think they threw the ball away. by Dave Phillips

The Howitzer lists Soccer as a Plebe, and Basketball all 4 Years, with Numerals, and a Monogram as a Yearling, Cow and Firstie – We all know there was an Army A for the Navy win.

“Who can forget Bob Loupe and his winning basket against ‘the swabbies’ in the field house that cold Saturday afternoon in 1962 – I still see it crystal clear. Al DeJardin and me sitting on the bench, fouled out. And Loupe, eyes as wide as silver dollars, not even sure where he was, dribbling the length of the court and scoring the winning basket with just a few seconds remaining. Against Navy! Unforgettable. He got a Major A for that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told that story to complete strangers. I tell it every time the subject of basketball comes up in any context, and it gets better with each telling. You may know, Bob’s buried in a little country cemetery in Savanah, MO about 20 miles from Leavenworth, KS where my son lives. Carolie and I have visited with Bob in that cemetery and we’ve talked to him about beating Navy and other memories. He’s never forgotten that singular event and neither have I.” By Stu Sherard 

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