Buzzy Kriesel

2 Army A’s 167 Pound Wrestler

Buzz & Jeannine Kriesel
Against Wisconsin he was head butted.  The Ref asked if he was OK, Buzz told Coach to fix him. Coach Alitz stuffed his nose with tissue, waved his ever ready ammonia capsule, and Buzz stepped back on the mat.  When Buzz grabbed his opponent, lifted him high in the air, the Ref said let him down gently.  Buzz did and pinned him, providing 5 points of the 23 and 8 win.  On Christmas leave, on an unheated Air Force transport, Frank Reasoner’s feet were frozen, Buzz unzipped his dress jacket, and had Frank push his feet against Buzzy’s chest. Oh lastly, Jeannine was in the stands at Wisconsin, Buzz might have executed as he did for her benefit.  (Write up by a Team Mate)

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