Class of 1962 – Army A’s

Army A’s Awarded for Spring and Fall 1961 and Winter 1962

6 Army A’s

Al DeJardin

John Jones 3 in Cross Country and 3 in Track

Dale Kuhns

Al Rushatz

5 Army A’s

Rusty Broshous

Dave Harkins

Mac McRae

John Schmidt

4 Army A’s

Larry Crane

Bob Fuellhart

George Kirschenbauer

Albie Symes

Barry Thomas 2 Army A’s for 2 Academy Records

3 Army A’s

Denny Benchoff

Marty Bilafer

Ron Chisholm

Tom Culver

Paul Dobbins

Gus Gertsch

Fred LaRoque 2 in Track and 1 in Cross Country

Ron Zinn 2 in Cross Country and 1 in Track

Stu Sherard

2 Army A’s

Bob Carroll

Glen Blumhardt

Barry Butzer

Paul Kirkegaard

Pete King

Buzzy Kriesel

Stan Thompson 1 in Cross Country and 1 in Track

1 Army A

John Dilley

Mack Howard

Jack Reavill 1 Army A – 5 Monograms

6 Monograms

2 Monograms

Carl Morin

B Squad

Frank Reasoner

Classmates who received Class Numerials

Wayne Downing

Vin Murphy

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