Donald Walter Holleder

For the Good of the Team, He took a step back from his All American End Position to Quarterback the Army Team – beating a great Navy Team

As Doc Hinger remembers that day. As the battle progressed I treated wounded soldiers and helped to move them to the edge of the jungle where soldiers from the night defensive position could load them onto Med-Evac ships. During one of these trips a Major who I did not know appeared on the scene with four or five soldiers. He saw that I was a medic and shouted “Come on doc, there are more wounded out there, let’s go get them”. The Major took the point position and led the way up a marshy vee of thigh to waist high grass. He advanced about 75 meters when automatic weapon fire from a tree at the edge of the jungle cut him down. Under covering fire from another soldier I moved to him and began treatment of his multiple chest wounds, but he died in my arms a few seconds later. I learned the next day that the Major was the Operations Officer. I will never forget his valor in his attempt to rescue my wounded comrades. I saw a lot of heroic acts by many soldiers that day, but his disregard for his own safety, to save others lives will live with me forever. That Major was an Army Football All American. As he unselfishly gave to his team, he gave to the Black Lions that day.

Class of 1956 Recognition of Don’s Achievements


Black Lion Award

The Black Lion Award is given in memory of Major Don Holleder, former West Point All-American who died in combat in Vietnam on October 17, 1967 and the brave men of the Black Lions – the 28th Infantry Regiment – who died with him that day.

Any youth, middle school or high school team is invited to participate and present the award. In Don Holleder’s honor, the Army Football Club presents the Black Lions Award annually to a member of the Army football team.

The Black Lion Award is NOT an individual award in the same sense as a Most Valuable Player award, (although it certainly could go to a team’s MVP).

It is intended to go to the player on his team who best personifies team play –

“who best exemplifies the character of Don Holleder: leadership, courage, devotion to duty, self-sacrifice, and – above all – an unselfish concern for the team ahead of himself.”

Enroll your team now – There is no cost to participate in the Black Lion Award. The Black Lion Award program is privately funded and administered and is not affiliated with any commercial enterprise or connected with any branch of the United States armed forces.


Holleder Stadium


Holleder Memorial Stadium


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Holleder Memorial Stadium was a 20,000 seat football stadium in Rochester, New York.
Located on Ridgeway Avenue, at the south east corner of Mount Read Blvd., it was built in 1949 to serve as the home of Aquinas Institute football.
Originally named Aquinas Stadium, it was renamed in 1974 in memory of former Aquinas and Army quarterback Don Holleder, who was killed in 1967 in an ambush 40 miles outside of Saigon, throwing himself into enemy fire to save fallen comrades.
The first ever football game for the Buffalo Bills of the American Football League was held at the stadium; on August 13, 1960, the Bills won an exhibition game against the Denver Broncos.

Holleder Stadium was the home pitch for professional soccer’s Rochester Lancers, who played at Holleder from 1967-69 as members of the American Soccer League, and 1970-80 while in the NASL. The largest crowd to ever attend a Lancers game at Holleder Stadium was on August 21, 1977, when 20,005 people watched the great Pela lead his Cosmos to a 2-1 victory over the hometown Lancers in the first round of the 1977 NASL playoffs.
Holleder Stadium also hosted the Rochester Flash soccer team, who called Holleder Stadium home in 1981-82 (ASL) and 1984 (USL).

Major Concerts

The Grateful Dead played a concert at Holleder Stadium on September 1, 1979. Journey played a concert at Holleder Stadium on June 5, 1983. The Police played a concert at Holleder Stadium on August 7, 1983.
It was torn down in 1985. An industrial park, named Holleder Technology Park in honor of the historic stadium, now sits on the old site.

Nomination of the ’53 Army Team for West Point’s Sports Hall of Fame

The 13 Page Nomination of the 1953 Army Football Team for West Point’s Sports Hall of Fame is at

The Nomination Letters by the Classes of 1954, 1955, 1957 and 1962 along with separate Nomination Letters by 3 Members of the Class of 1956 who were major contributors to the Team’s Success and Bob Mischak’s Nomination Letter are at

Don in the center

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