Denny Benchoff

Denny never stepped on a mat until Coach Alitz taught him how to earn 3 Army A’s. 137 pounds

Going for another Pin

Al Rushatz was not the only outstanding wrestler in 61-62. Buzz Kriesel finished fourth at the Easterns as a Cow at 167 lbs. and Dale Kuhns was Eastern runner up at heavyweight as a First Classman. Howitzer lists Denny Benchoff, Phil Burns, and Al McElhose as additional Army A winners. In 1961-62, Al Rushatz and Dale were both undefeated in dual matches.

This strong corps from the Can Do class led the Army wrestling team to records of 6-5 in 1959-60, 7-4 in 1960-61, and 6-4 in 1961-62, beating Navy all 3 Years. Apparently, Leroy Alitz did not believe is patsy schedules as we find Penn State, Syracuse, Springfield, Lehigh, Pittsburgh, and Illinois on the schedules, along with Navy.

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