George Kirschenbauer

George & Karen Kirschenbauer
George was our Class President for a number of years. Ted Stroup replaced George.

Recuited for Baseball, George lettered in both Football and Baseball– sending a pitch in the spring of 1962 right over Cullum Hall roof.

“Kirschenbauer, Kirschenbauer, I saw George Kirschenbauer hit a home run over the roof of Cullum Hall” Comment by son of Mr. Link (PE Dept.) Spring of 2006, when George’s name was mentioned. The excitement in his voice was as if was May of 1962. What we did made a difference.

His home run off Yankee Cy Young winner, Bob Turley (Yogi Berra to George as he crossed home plate, “Well son, you’ve seen the last inside fast ball you’re going to see today, so hang on to your hat.”

Start of 59 Season

75 Bill Yost, 73 Bob Odd, 11 Pete King, 45 George Kirschenbauer, 58 Dick Buckner, 65 Harry Miller, 64 Al Vanderbush, 56 Ozzie Oswandel, 40 Russ DeVries, 94 Bob DeVries, 61 Jerry Clements

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