Bob Ord

LTG.png  Bob & Gail Ord   120px-35th_Infantry_Regiment_DUI.jpg P116.jpg  100px-7th_Infantry_Division_SSI_(1973-2015).svg.png 25th Inf.jpeg
Football, Wrestling, Honor Committee. CoCO 35th Inf, 25th Div RVN, MACV, MILPERCEN, CO 1st Bde 7th Div, ODCSPER, CS CFA Korea, ADC 7th Div, CG PERSCOM, CG 25th Inf Div, CG USARPAC, Dean School of Intl Grad Studies.

Football, Wrestling, Track, injured Cow Year. Monogram in Football Yearling Year.

75 Bill Yost, 73 Bob Odd, 11 Pete King, 45 George Kirschenbauer, 58 Dick Buckner, 65 Harry Miller, 64 Al Vanderbush, 56 Ozzie Oswandel, 40 Russ DeVries, 94 Bob DeVries, 61 Jerry Clements

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