Tom Mailey

George Thomas Mailey

14 Quarterback Fall of 59

He learned early to utilize his BROWN BOY as an escape from Cadet Routine.  He is remembered as one who “stuck to his guns” – never hesitating to say what he believed.  He stood 92d in the Class and went Air Force at Graduation. 


 Cullum No. 23908-1962 | April 4, 1964 | Died in Columbus, OH

Interred in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Latrobe, PA


First Lieutenant George Thomas Mailey, a young man from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, who packed a brilliant list of accomplishments into 23 years of life, died Saturday, 4 April, three days before his 24th birthday. He never regained consciousness after suffering a severe head injury in an automobile accident on Good Friday in Columbus, Ohio. He died at 7:55 a.m. in the Riverside Hospital. 

Throughout his student days at Latrobe High School, Thomas was known for his athletic ability and for his scholastic achievements. He won eight letters in three sports: football, basketball, and golf. But it took more than athletic ability to gain admission to the Military Academy, and Thomas proved that he had it, for he was on every monthly dean’s list save one in his four years as a cadet.

After his graduation from West Point and with a commission in the Air Force, Thomas was sent to Columbus to study nuclear physics at Ohio State University. He had been a student there for a year and a half at the time of the accident and would have received his master’s degree in August 1964.

Thomas was born on 7 April 1940, the son of Mr. and Mrs. George II. Mailey in, Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He is survived by his parents; his two sisters, Anne and Jane; and one brother, Patrick.


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