Battle Monument

The most prominent and majestic monument at the Academy is Battle Monument. Located at Trophy Point, it was dedicated in 1897 —

“In memory of the officers and men of the American Army who fell in battle”.

Specifically it Honors the Regular Army casualties of the North during the Civil War.

The shaft is reportedly the largest polished granite shaft in the Western Hemisphere. Some 2,230 names are inscribed on it. The figure at the top is “Lady Fame” or “Victory”.

The view is looking East. The Statue in the lower right is of George Washington which originally sat at the Northeast Corner of the Plain before being moved to its present location in front of Washington Hall, the Academy Dining Facility

The Photo to the right was taken in 1952

For further information go to Histopric Structures Inventory Volume 2 Part 1 Frame 89 by clicking on the link below

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  1. jay edwards
    Posted January 18, 2014 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

    The cadets from the southern states refer to it as “A trophy to Confederate marksmanship”. Jay Edwards ’54.

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