Major General John Sedgwick

This memorial to Major General John Sedgwick from the members of his last command, the 6th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, was dedicated in 1868.

Sedgwick was an 1837 USMA graduate who fought in many of the major battles of the Mexican War.

During the Civil War Battle of the Wilderness, he rallied his soldiers to victory. Sedgwick was later killed at the Battle of Spottsylvania in 1864.

His statue reportedly was cast from the Confederate cannon captured by his 6th Corps.

There is Tradition in the Corps of Cadets – spinning his spurs at Midnight by a Cadet in Full Dress will bring success in Final Exams.

For further information go to Historic Structures Inventory Volume 2 Part 1 Frame 72 & 74 by clicking on the link below

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