Corps of Cadets

This page is under development.

Today’s Cadets already know what is below. This one page is for both Graduates and individuals who may be interested in attending the Academy. If as a Graduate you believe the Corps “has”, at least take a minute and look at the first 3 pictures. If you have an interest in attending West Point look below to see what Cadet life is like.

As much as it changes — it remains exactly the same.

If as a Grad you are seeking Attention to Detail, Adherence to Orders and Precision, Check the fingers of the right hand of each Cadet. This photo was not taken in the 70s when Male Cadets were allowed to have sightly longer hair.

When Jim Ellis Class of ’62, asked General Omar Bradley what his reaction was to Female Cadets at West Point – –

General Bradley said “Congress passed it, the President signed it, I Support it”.

Although some physical requirements had to be changed, life at West Point remains Spartan.

Returning from Chapel – – thoughts immediately return to Infantry Tactics

As Firsties our grades were posted along the Sally Port Walls. The French Statue is beyond.

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