Cadet Barracks

Pershing Barracks – with Class of 15 Memorial in front.

Pershing Barracks

Lee Hall

Central Area with Cadets marching to meal.

Grant Hall as it was in 1962 with Barracks above. Jim Kays and I lived in the corner room on 2d floor Cow year. Know as South Area at the time, it was the Barracks of 1st Regiment Runts (I,K,L, and M Companies) – but with the Class of 61 the assignment of Cadets by height was in the process of change. Still South Area was not a place to enter unless you stood less than 5′ 7″. There was a Runt Complex, a Napoleonic Complex — a general distrust of tall people. Cadets would come to our room, climb out on the roof of Grant Hall and sit in the sun — that is until a Tac found out.

The Young Ladies who came to visit Cadets would sit on the rail outside of Grant Hall awaiting us.

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