Can Do

This is our Gift to our Alma Mater

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Our Four Years

Class of 1962 Can Do Athletic Accomplishments of the Class of 62 – written by

Dave Phillips

The Army A’s We Earned

Class of 1962 – Army A’s

What we set out to do June 62

Worth of a Class After 40 years what we gave back to our Nation

The Obstacle Coarse then and now
Infamous Indoor Obstacle Course

Class of 2012 Receive their Rings – Click on photo Ring Melt

Rings in Crucible – Click on photo They Gave on Saturday Afternoon

Season after Season

We had 3 Years of eligibility

General Stilwell Our Comm – he gave us
“Can Do”

The Motto of the 15th Infantry United States Army

President Kennedy
Trooping the Line at our Graduation.

General Douglas MacArthur General MacArthur’s May 1962 Duty Honor Country address

What he said to us and why we have it today

Our Motto
Duty Honor Country

1962 Register

Writings by
Don Snider American civil-military relations, the identities and development of the Army officer, and American military professions

Writings by ’62

Maggie Dixon Women’s Basketball Coach
By Rusty Wilkerson

1958 Football Team
By Bill Mogan

By Brian McEnany

Narrative History of the West Point Class of 1862 “

Sons of Slum & Gravy

West Point Class of 1962


What Every American Business Must do to Restore Our Financial Stability and Protect Our Future

Bringing Labor & Management together to assure a Stable Future

West Point, a Century Ago 1911-1920: An Amazing Decade”

By Bob Carroll
Class of 1962

Donated Facilities

Kimsey Athletic CenterCaufield Crew and Sailing Center
thumbnail copy 2.jpg62 RoomHockey Recreation Room

Additional Writings

by Ernie Webb The year 2020. Middle America had had enough. Frustrated and angry at the corruption, greed and incompetence exhibited by the government and corporate America – –

R Day 1862

Contributions to West Point – –

Class of ’62 Founders of Rugby

Class of ’62 Founders of The
Judo Club

The Academy’s Department of Systems Engineering was established in 1989 by

Jim Kays
serving as Department Head until his retirement in 1999.
Department of Systems Engineering

and to our Nation

Dave Armstrong

Steve Arnold

Gary Brown

PY Browning

Denny Benchoff

Walter Bryde

Marsh Carter

Chuck Dominy

Wayne Downing

Jim Ellis

Frank Horton

Mac Howard

Nick Hurst

Jim Kays

Jim Kimsey

John Landry

Carl Morin

Bob Ord

Howie Prince

Frank Reasoner

Dennis Reimer

Bob Ricks

Joe Rigby

Ted Stroup

Ron Zinn

3 Year Starter Basketball,

5 Academy Records at Graduation, 3 Army A’s

Stu Sherard


Dominate Athlete of the early 60’s – 6 Army A’s, All American in Football & Wrestling, First PE, The Driving Force in Establishment of the 62 Room.

Al Rushatz

  • Wrestling Captain

6 Army A’s Football and Wrestling

Dale Kuhns

3 Year Starter. Firstie year, Ron Chisholm held opponents to 2.18 goals per game, an Academy record that stood for 46 years before being broken by “Josh Kassel” in the 2007 – 2008 Season. This was the last Academy individual or team record held by the Class of 1962.

Ron Chisholm

5 Army A’s Hockey and Lacrosse

Rusty Broshous

4 Army A’s Basketball and Baseball

Larry Crane

3 Army A’s Football and Lacrosse
Football and Lacrosse – Caught 10 passes against Michigan, led Team in receiving in 1961, scored twice against Navy in Lacrosse

Tom Culver

Basketball and Baseball

Al Dejardin
Baseball Captain

4 Army A’s Football and Lacrosse

Bob Fuellhart

Killed in Action 12 August 1965

5 Army A’s Hockey and Lacrosse

Dave Harkins

2 Army A’s Football and Track

Pete King

4 Army A’s Football and Baseball

    George Kirschenbauer

5 Army A’s – Baseball and 150 Football

Mac McRae

4 Army A’s – Hockey and Lacrosse, Monogram 150 Football

Albie Symes

5 Army A’s Soccer and Baseball

John Schmidt

6 Army A’s Track and Cross Country

 Sonny Jones

3 Army A’s – Cross Country and Track

Fred LaRoque

Wrestling and 150 Football, Brigade Boxing Champion

Frank Reasoner

Killed in Action 12 July 1965

Class of 1962 – Army A’s

An Army A Track and Cross Country

Stan Thompson

Olympic Walker – 1964 Olympics
3 Army A’s – Cross Country and Track, Trained for Olympics Firstie Year. Did not compete on either Cross Country or Track Teams.

Ron Zinn

Killed in Action 7 July 1965

Sports Articles

Click on Photos for newspaper articles NY Times

Winter 59-60 Sports Articles

Stu has 34 Points

Fall 61 Sports Articles

Boston University Game

Navy Game

Pete King with ball & Bill Whitehead

Dietzel Arrives

Rugby’s 2d Season.

Lee Taylor Wins

Ron Zinn sets Record

A & B

150s – another 1st Down
Ronnie Brown Captain

Chuck Abbot
Jim Akin
Keith Adams
Al Ailinger
Roy Alcala
Jeff Alt
Larry Amon
Chuck Anderson
Jim Andress
Andy Andrews
Rog Andrews
Chan Armstrong
Dave Armstrong
Steve Arnold
Don Babb
Larry Bachelor
Ed Bailey
Paul Baltes
Dick Barry
Mike Bartelme
Howard Batt
Bud Baughan
Bob Bauman
Gene Baxter
Denny Benchoff

Pete Peterson

C.O. Bennett
Denny Bennett
Don Bergeron
Todd Bergman
Charles Bernitt
Horse Biddison
Marty Bilafer

Jim McQuillen

B & C

Glen Blumhardt
Jim Blundell
Dave Blynn
John Bode
Art Bondshu
Bill Boozer
Ron Borrello
Fred Bothwell
Hap Boyd
Jim Boyle

He let no ball
   Art Brown

Thad Broom
Rusty Broshous
Art Brown 
Charles Brown
Gary Brown
Harold Brown
Ed Brown
Rog Brown
Ronnie Brown
PY Browning
Walter Bryde
Thomas Buck
Paul Burke
Don Burns
Phil Burns
Bill Burns
Ralph Burr
Butts Butler
Dan Buttolph
Barry Butzer
John Byers
Bill Byrd
Richie Cacioppe
Bert Cadwell
Rog Caldwell
Bill Calhoun
Skip Campbell
Pat Canary
Bill Cannon
Vito Caputo
Rich Carlson
George Carnes
Sam Carr
Bob Carroll
Ben Carter
Marsh Carter
Mike Casp
Frank Caufield
Bill Cauthen
Ricardo Cesped
Glenn Chadbourne
Don Chafetz
Chuck Chandler
Dick Chegar
Ron Chisholm
Dick Chladek
Bill Chistopher
Walt Chrobak
Dan Clark
Winston Clark
Ty Cobb
Roy Cole
Jerry Comello
Fred Comer
Bob Cooper
Walt Copper
Jim Corr
Phil Costain
Jim Cowles
Bob Coyne
Mike Crabtree
Larry Crane
Bill Cross
Ruf Crow
Art Crowell
Bob Culp
Tom Culp
Tom Culver
Grindley Curren
Mike Currin

D E F & G

John Dargle
Butch Darrell
Bill Daugherty
James Davidson
T R Davis
Tony De Amico
Al DeJardin
Don De Sapri
John Devore
Robert DeVries
Russ DeVries
Ken Dean 
Dan Denison
Don Denton
Bob Dickinson
Bill Dieal
John Dilley
Paul Dobbins
Jim Dodd
Ken Dolson
Chuck Dominy
Stan Doten

Gary Brown

Bob Douglas
Wayne Downing
Dick Duncan
Jim Dunmeyer
Trevor Dupuy
Bill Dworsak
Ed Dwyer
John Easterbrook
Tom Eccleston
Jim Ellis
Doc Ellis
Steve Ellis
Jack Evans

Bill Evans
John Fagan
Tom Faley
John Fee
Dave Feldman
Dick Fellows
John Ferguson
Ralph Finelli
John Finlayson
Bert Finn
Art Fintel
Tony Fiore
Gus Fishburne
Chuck Fisher
Denny Flint
Phil Florence
Rich Foss
Robert Fox
Dave Francis
Jack Franck
Rog Franke
Reid Franks
Harry Fraser
Bob Fuellhart
Phil Fuller
Phil Galanti
Jack Garrett
Bobby Garrett
Dick Garvey
Dave Garvin
Jerry Garwick
Bill Gavan
Gordi Geiss
Gus Gertsch
Mike Gibson
Dick Gilligan
Gil Gilstad
Al Girardi
Jim Gleason
Ed  Gleichman
Mike Goodshall
Johnny Godwin
Goldie Goldberg
Goodie Goode

Jim Gorman
Norm Grahn
Dick Gramzow

G H I & K

 23 - Tom Culver, 24 - Pete King, 50 - Bottom of Pile - Bill Whitehead, 60 - Barry Butzer, 80 - Bobby Fuellhart, 85 - Paul Zmuida 62 Meets at the Quarterback

Mike Casp

Killed in Action November 14, 1967
Mike Grebe

Rog Green
Bert Greenwalt
Turk Griffith
John Grimshaw
Joe Gross
Joe Guarino
Tony Guenther
Larry Gunderman
Steve Habblett
Harry Hagerty
Pete Hameister
Ed Hamilton
George Handy
Pierce Hanley
Kraig Hansen
Don Hard
Dave Harkins
Jim Harrington
Harold Harris
Harry Harrison
Dick Hartman
Roger Havercroff
JJ Heigl
Jim Heldman
Dick Helmuth
Len Henderson
Ron Henderson
Ed Hendren
Carl Henn
Rog Hilton
Skip Holcomb
Steve Holdernes
Earl Holeman

William Hoos

Pete Horoschak
Frank Horton
Mack Howard
Seth Hudak
Pat Hueman
Bob Hufschmid
Bill Hughes
Nick Hurst
Neil Hyde
Dick Irwin
Ken Ishoy
Chuck Ivy
Dick James
Jerry Janicke
Cal Johnson
Joe Johnson
Marshall Johnson
Erik Johnsson
Dave Jones
Sonny Jones
Mike Jones
Bob Jordan
Matt Kambrod
Erv Kamm
Don Karrer
Don Kauer
Jim Kays
JJ Kelly
Rick Kelly
John Kendall
Steve Kent
Chris Keuker
Joe Kieffer
Tom Kilmartin
Jim Kimsey
Bill Kinard
John King

K & L

Pete King
JJ Kirby
Paul Kirkegaard
George Kirschenbauer
Tom Kling
Roy Kobayashi
Rudy Kohler
Bill Kosco
Steve Kott
James Krause
Gus Krause
Buzzy Kriesel
Ed Krukowski
Kris Krzyzlowski
Dale Kuhns
Fred LaRoque
Don Lair
John Landry
Ronnie Lane
Jerry Lape
Larry Larsen
Jim Lau

Phil Costain

Tony Lawson
Dean Learish
Tony Leatham

Butch Darrell

Roger Lee
Dick Lembo
Bob Lilley
Jim Lindsey
Ray LoPresto
Dave Logan
Bob Loupe
Art Lovegren
Rog Luis
Ralph Lurkert
Ken Lutes
Al Lynch


Dave Swick

John Lynn
Dick Madden
Bud Maidt
Tom Mailey
Jim Malley
Bernie Martin
Marty Martin
Dick Mayo
Jeff McCarthy
Terry McCarthy
Mac McCrorey
Mike McDonnell
Jim McDonough
Ray McDowall
Al McElhose

Ed Brown

Brian McEnany
Tom Mc Garry
Scott McGurt
Jim McKay
Cliff McKeithan
Brian McKinley
     Dave McLaughlin
Tom McMahan
Paul McNamara
Bob McNamara
Jim McQuillen
Mac McRae
Will Meade
Duke Meceda
Frank Meehan
Harry Meeth
Larry Mengle
Tom Mennie
Walt Menning
Tom Merrell
Bud Merriam
Sam Meyer
Tom Middaugh
AZ Miller
Art Miller
Frank Miller
Bill Miller
Bill Millerlile
Bill Mogan
Jan Movar

M N O & P

Dave Moore
Mike Moore
Tom Moore
Larry Mooring
Doug Morgan
Carl Morin
Jim Mount
John Mumford

Al Rushatz

Dave Mundt
Bob Munsch
Terry Murphy
Vin Murphy
Charlie Murray
Tom Murray
Nate Nahmen
Johnnie Nau
Larry Needs
Phil Nelson
Dave Neumann
Harry Nieuwboer
Dave Noake
Marv Norwood
John Novotny
Joe Nunnelee
Neil Nydegger
Mike O’Brien
John O’neal
Bob Ord
Tom Ostenberg
Ed Pabich
Ken Pakula
Lee Pardi
Wayne Parker
Larry Parmenter
Bruce Parsons
Art Pattarozzi
Gary Paxton
Alnbie Pearson
Don Pederson
Rudy Penczer
Joe Pendergraft
Ray Pendleton
Don Perdew
Pete Peterson
Pietro Petrolino
Bill Petty
Pete Pfeifer
Dave Phillips
Bob Phillips
Dwayne Piepenburg
Steve Pierce
Phil Pons
John Porter
Joe Porter
Phil Poulsen
Don Price
Howie Prince
Palph Pryor
Ram Ramella

Dick Sklar

R & S

Al Dejardin

Randy Randazzo
Tom Reach
Frank Reasoner
Jack Reavill

John Jones

Jim Redmond
Bob Redmond
Bud Reeves
John Regan
Mike Reich
Bob Reid
Dennis Reimer
Larry Remener
Will Remington
Kev Renaghan
Larry Richardson
Bob Ricks
Joe Rigby
Dave Riggs
Bob Rintz
Waide Risel
Al Robb
Chris Robbins
Dick Rohrbacher
Jerry Rose
Mick Rosenberg
Bill Ross
Ed Rowe
Max Rucker
Bob Rumph
Al Rushat
Jim Ryan
Dick Ryer
Sam Samaniego
Larry Sanders
George Sarran


Joe Sayers
Francis Sazama
Al Scarsella
Francis Scharpf
Rusty Scheewe
George Schein
Bill Scherr
Jim Schmidt
John Schmidt

Marlin Schmidt
Rodney Schmidt
Paul Schott
Mike Schredl

Steve Schwam
Gary Seasholtz
Jerry Seay
John Selby
Gray Sharp
Charlie Shaw
Fred Sheaffer

Barry Thomas

Dave Sholly
Rog Shope
Bob Shuey
Stan Shutes
Pete Siedzisk
Bob Sikorski
Tom Simcox
Joe Simoneaux
Ron Skarupa
Dick Sklar
Bernie Skown
Tom Slaggie
Duane Slater
Sonny Sloan
Dale Smith
Larry Smith
Bill Smith
Don Snider
Raife Snover

Driving for another 2


Wayne Snow
Dave Spangler
Bill Spencer
Steve Sperman
Chris Spivey
Eldon Spradling
Ed Sprague
Derek Sprouse
Jamie Spurlock
Chris Stanat
Dean Stanley
Ed StarBird
Sammy Steele
Richard Steinke
Dan Stephenson
Dick Stephenson
Stew Stewart
Phil Stewart
Ron Stock
Todd Stong
Dick Storat
Don Street
Jim Strohmyer
Ted Stroup
Bill Swartz
Den Sweeney
George Sweet
Dave Swick
Dave Symanski
Albie Symes
Joe Szwarckop
Bob Szymczak
Bob Tarbet
John Taylor
Lee Taylor
Lennie Taylor



Dud Taylor
Dan Teed
George Talenko
Tom Teuten
Tom Thomas
Bob Thomas
Stan Thompson
Fred Tilton
Al Tindale
Bud Tinnemeyer
Gene Tomlinson
Dave Treadwell
Dave Tumelson
Ron Tumlin
Jim Tumpane
Jerry Tysver
John Ulmer
Hank Urna
Don Voss
Mike Vranish
Ivan Waggoner 
John Wagner
Steve Wagner
Johnny Walker
Tom Walker
Ken Wallace
Roy Wallace
Winns Ward
Steve Warner
Swam Wasaff
Larry Waters

Douglas Wauchope

Art Webb
Ernie Webb
Bob Weinfurter
Bob Wells
Gene Welper
Paul Wertz
Steve West
Frank Westfall
Matt Whelton
Bill White
Bill Whitehead
Evans Whiting
Stan Whitmore
Dan Wick
Greg Wilcox

Al Wilhelm

Rusty Wilkerson
Merle Williams
Don Williamson
Wayne Willis
Dave Windom
John Winkler
Jeff Withers
Jay Witt

Phil Costain

Ron Witzel
Don Woeber
Joe Wojcik
Bob Wong
Don Woodman
Will Worthington
Jim Worthington
Pete Wuerpel
Dick Wylie
Bob Zabik
Gus Zenker
Ron Zinn
Paul Zumida

This is a work area below this point

Memorial Painting Honoring Turk Griffith for Los Alamos High School Gym – – Bob Wells

Class of 1962

Can Do

Pete King with ball & Bill Whitehead  Pete King with ball & Bill Whitehead

 23 - Tom Culver, 24 - Pete King, 50 - Bottom of Pile - Bill Whitehead, 60 - Barry Butzer, 80 - Bobby Fuellhart, 85 - Paul Zmuida

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