Can Do

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http://usma1962.westpointaog.com – – – Administered by Jim Heldman

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This is our Gift to our Alma Mater

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Our Four Years

Class of 1962 Can Do Athletic Accomplishments of the Class of 62 – written by Dave Phillips

The Army A’s We Earned

Class of 1962 – Army A’s

What we set out to do June 62

Worth of a Class After 40 years what we gave back to our Nation

The Obstacle Coarse then and now Infamous Indoor Obstacle Course

Class of 2012 Receive their Rings – Click on photo Ring Melt

Rings in Crucible – Click on photo They Gave on Saturday Afternoon

Season after Season

We had 3 Years of eligibility

General Stilwell Our Comm – he gave us
“Can Do”

The Motto of the 15th Infantry United States Army

President Kennedy

Trooping the Line at our Graduation.

General Douglas MacArthur General MacArthur’s May 1962 Duty Honor Country address

What he said to us and why we have it today Our Motto Duty Honor Country

1962 Register

Writings by Don Snider American civil-military relations, the identities and development of the Army officer, and American military professions

Writings by ’62

Maggie Dixon Women’s Basketball Coach

1958 Football Team


Narrative History of the West Point Class of 1862 “ Sons of Slum & Gravy

West Point Class of 1962

Broke What Every American Business Must do to Restore Our Financial Stability and Protect Our Future

Bringing Labor & Management together to assure a Stable Future West Point, a Century Ago 1911-1920: An Amazing Decade”

Bob Carroll Class of 1962

Donated Facilities

Kimsey Athletic CenterCaufield Crew and Sailing Center
thumbnail copy 2.jpg62 RoomHockey Recreation Room

Additional Writings

by Ernie Webb The year 2020. Middle America had had enough. Frustrated and angry at the corruption, greed and incompetence exhibited by the government and corporate America – –

R Day 1862

Contributions toWest Point – –

Class of ’62 Founders of Rugby

Class of ’62 Founders of The
Judo Club

The Academy’s Department of Systems Engineering was established in 1989 by Jim Kays

serving as Department Head until his retirement in 1999. Department of Systems Engineering

and to our Nation

3 Year Starter Basketball,

5 Academy Records at Graduation, 3 Army A’s

Dominate Athlete of the early 60’s – 6 Army A’s, All American in Football & Wrestling, First PE, The Driving Force in Establishment of the 62 Room.

6 Army A’s Football and Wrestling

3 Year Starter. Firstie year, Ron Chisholm held opponents to 2.18 goals per game, an Academy record that stood for 46 years before being broken by “Josh Kassel” in the 2007 – 2008 Season. This was the last Academy individual or team record held by the Class of 1962.

5 Army A’s Hockey and Lacrosse

4 Army A’s Basketball and Baseball

3 Army A’s Football and Lacrosse
Football and Lacrosse – Caught 8 passes against Michigan, led Team in receiving in 1961, scored twice against Navy in Lacrosse

Basketball and Baseball

4 Army A’s Football and Lacrosse

Bob Fuellhart

Killed in Action 12 August 1965

5 Army A’s Hockey and Lacrosse

2 Army A’s Football and Track

4 Army A’s Football and Baseball

George Kirschenbauer

5 Army A’s – Baseball and 150 Football

4 Army A’s – Hockey and Lacrosse, Monogram 150 Football

5 Army A’s Soccer and Baseball

6 Army A’s Track and Cross Country

3 Army A’s – Cross Country and Track

Wrestling and 150 Football, Brigade Boxing Champion

Killed in Action 12 July 1965

An Army A Track and Cross Country
Olympic Walker – 1964 Olympics
3 Army A’s – Cross Country and Track, Trained for Olympics Firstie Year. Did not compete on either Cross Country or Track Teams.

Killed in Action 7 July 1965

Sports Articles

Click on Photos for newspaper articles NY Times

Winter 59-60 Sports Articles

Stu has 34 Points

Fall 61 Sports Articles

Boston University Game

Navy Game

Pete King with ball & Bill Whitehead

Dietzel Arrives

Winter 61 – 62 Sports Articles

Gymnastics is Eastern Conference Champion and – –

Army over Navy in Basketball, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Track & Field, Squash and Pistol while losing only Rifle and Swimming.

All Time Record Wins.

Working for a Pin.

Loupe’s shot to beat Navy.

Army Winter Track .

Army Swimming



Spring 1962 Sports News Articles


Army Spring Track .

Army over Navy in Tennis.

Army Navy Golf.

Ace Adams going in the Severn after ’61 Army Victory .

Rugby’s 2d Season.

Lee Taylor Wins

Ron Zinn sets Record

Corps Squad Members – – Click on photos for Teams

Includes Members of West Point’s First Rugby Team

A & B

150s – another 1st Down Ronnie Brown Captain

Chuck AbbotJim AndressChuck AndersonMike BartelmeBob BaumanGene BaxterDenny Benchoff

Pete Peterson– Captain

C.O. BennettDenny BennettHorse BiddisonMarty Bilafer

Jim McQuillen– Captain

B & C

He let’s no ball pass

D E F & G

G H I & K

 23 - Tom Culver, 24 - Pete King, 50 - Bottom of Pile - Bill Whitehead, 60 - Barry Butzer, 80 - Bobby Fuellhart, 85 - Paul Zmuida 62 Meets at the Quarterback

Killed in Action November 14, 1967 Mike

K & L


M N O & P

R & S


Driving for another 2


This is a work area below this point

Memorial Painting Honoring Turk Griffith for Los Alamos High School Gym – – Bob Wells

Class of 1962 Can Do

Pete King with ball & Bill Whitehead Pete King with ball & Bill Whitehead

 23 - Tom Culver, 24 - Pete King, 50 - Bottom of Pile - Bill Whitehead, 60 - Barry Butzer, 80 - Bobby Fuellhart, 85 - Paul Zmuida

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