62 Room

Can Do Class Gift

The need for a Cadet Fitness Facility was identified in the early 1980s by Al Rushatz, 62’s All American in both Football & Wrestling. The concept was immediately accepted by the Class and a core group strove toward completion with dedication at our 30th reunion in 1992.

The original room consisted of the old Boxing Room (and shot injection room) and part of the old Corps Squad equipment dispensing room. The needs of the Corps (Cadets standing around waiting for machines) required expansion in 2005-2006 which doubled the size taking up the old Corps Squad Wrestling Room across the hall.

The wall includes a depiction of General Douglas MacArthur Duty Honor Country Speech May 1962 and rubbings from Vietnam Memorial.

The wall on the opposite end of the complex, in the old Wrestling Room contains the Frank Reasoner Memorial. Frank was my wrestling partner – – he was not someone to mess with. Frank was Brigade Boxing Champion, he never earned an Army A – – he earned the Medal of Honor.

Rubbings from the Wall — the Classmates we lost in Vietnam

Additional photos are at http://usma1962.westpointaog.com/62%20Room/Room%20Intro.htm

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