Jack Reavill

Jack & Susie Reavill                                 
Football and Lacrosse; 1/20 Arty 63, AdC 65, 6/12 Arty Korea 65, 1/19 Arty 67, 52d Arty Gp RVN 68, HQ CONARC 70, V Corps Arty 77, Co 1/333 FA  79, DC 83, OASOD 84,  OASOPS 84, Ret 88.

Jack with 2d Place Trophy – 6th Grade – he had that knee replaced in 2009

Jack elected Captain of the 1957 RHS Team

Jackson Custer Reavill – Class of 1962

Cadet Company L-2

Home Town: Flat Rock, Illinois

Flat Rock, a town of approximately 450 people, had a grade school but no high school. Jack lettered in both basketball and track during grades 6-8. As a 6th grader, he was a starter on the Flat Rock basketball team that won second place in the Illinois Grade School State-Wide Tournament

High School: Robinson High School (RHS), Robinson, Illinois
Flat Rock students were bussed 15 miles to Robinson High School. Since no transportation was provided by the school system for extra curricular activities, Jack and others hitch hiked their way to Flat Rock after practices.

At RHS, Jack lettered 3 years in both football and basketball and 2 years in track. He was both captain and most valuable player of the football and basketball teams in his senior year. He was All-County, All Conference, and honorable mention All State in both football and basketball his junior and senior years. At the time, Illinois had not divided the schools into classes by size.

Though baseball was not a high school sponsored sport, Jack played Babe Ruth and American Legion baseball and was selected for the league All Star Teams each year.

Jack had previously committed to play football and basketball at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. He also had been designated a 3rd alternate to West Point. During a high school civics trip to Washington, DC in early June of 1958, Jack learned that he had been advanced from 3rd alternate to principle. He entered USMA three weeks later.

Date of Entry to Academy: 2 July 1958

Date of Graduation: 6 June 1962

Age at Graduation: 22

Cullum Number 24,000

Cadet Rank Rank: SGTHeight at Entry: 6′ 1″ and 6′ 2″ at Graduation

Weight at Entry: 205

Playing Weight: Basketball 195; Football 205; Lacrosse 195

Graduation Weight: 205

Teams: Jack was not brought in to USMA to play any sport. After tryouts during Beast Barracks, he was invited to play football, basketball, baseball and track. He later became a “walk on” in football, basketball, and lacrosse.

Basketball (Plebe Year)
Though not a starter on the plebe team, Jack was a role player because of his long range jump shooting accuracy. As a result, he was selected by the varsity coaching staff to act as Navy’s leading scorer during preparations for the Navy basketball game.

B Squad Football (Yearling & Cow Years) and Varsity Football Firstie Year.

Jack Reavill #81 is front row, 4th player from left

Lacrosse Photo Here

1962 Lacrosse Team (Jack Reavill is #34, right most player in 1st row)

North-South Team Picture Here

Reavill is 5th player from left in 2nd row.

Coaches/Assistant Coaches

Basketball – Major Bell

B Squad Football – Tony Bulotta

VarsityFootball – Dale Hall and “Chuck Gottfried”

Lacrosse – Jim Ace Adams

Coach Ace Adams being chunked into the Severn River after the 1961 Army-Navy Lacrosse game, won by Army 10-8.

Team Captains
Football – Mike Casp

Lacrosse – Charles Butch Darrell

Positions Played

Basketball – Guard/Forward

Football – Tight End/Defensive End/Special Teams

Lacrosse – Defense

Athletic Awards

Plebe Year Basketball – Class Numerals

Yearling Year – Football and Lacrosse Monograms

Cow Year – Football and Lacrosse Monograms

Firstie Year – Football Monogram and Lacrosse Army “A”

Team Recognition

National – 1961 Lacrosse Team below and Navy shared National Championship

Lacrosse Team Photo Here

Individual Recognition

1962 Honorable Mention All America Lacrosse Defense Player Firstie Year and defensive starter for the North in the 1962 North-South Lacrosse Game.

West Point Lacrosse Loose Balls Award below was normally won by midfielders or attackers, not members of the defense.
Post Season Play

Started for the North Team in the 1962 North-South Lacrosse Game held at Rutgers University – North Team Lost

While a graduate student at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, Jack Reavill assisted Dr. Rix Yard, Tulane’s Athletic Director, in establishing the Tulane Lacrosse Club. During 1971-1973 Jack coached-and played on the Tulane club against other university club teams in the Southeast. The Tulane club dominated the Southeast clubs during Jack’s tenure. After Jack’s departure, Tulane joined the Texas Lacrosse League in 1974 and also dominated that league during the years of Tulane’s membership. Jack received commendations from Dr. Yard and the CG, 5th Army for creating an environment that enabled free and open discussions of the Vietnam War and other topics resulting in a better understanding of and appreciation for the respective views of the team members.

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