Lindsey Gerheim

In April 1976 Jim Ellis — Class of 1962 Brigade Commander, who was to ultimately wear 3 Stars asked General Omar Bradley what his reaction was to women joining the Corps of Cadets.

General Bradley said “Congress passed it, the President signed it, I support it”.

Plebe designated hitter, Lindsey Gerheim, won Patroit League “Rookie of the Week” Honors after blasting two home runs, scoring 6 times, plating seven RBI’s, stealing four bases, while posting a .435 batting average for the week.

As a Member of the “Class the Stars Fell On” and as an Army A winner in Football and Baseball, The Can Do Class believes General Bradley would be very proud of what this Cadet Athlete accomplished. See her accomplishments at

We hope that in her service to this Nation, she will achieve equal Success.

Army Sports Hall of Fame Nomination

How many Grads would have had a Plebe confer this upon them?

Etched in stone, just inside the main entrance of ARVN Gym, are the words of our 31st Superintendent. Their implied focus on physical fitness and subordination of oneself to the success of the team was never meant to stand in isolation.

The Academy’s mission seeks Academic Excellence, along with both Military and Physical Development. In a Class of 1,006, a graduating Cadet in the top 5%, standing at 128 in Academic Quality Point Average, 93 in Military, 273 Physical and 79 Overall Performance Score, with 8 consecutive semesters on the Dean’s List, along with receiving the Silver Star (4 times), Superintendent’s Gold Wreath, Eastern College Athletic Conference Award (Excellence in Athletics and Scholarship), Pentathlete Award, was recognized as a West Point Scholar Athlete (4 times), Distinguished Cadet, Patriot League Scholar Athlete, All-American Scholar Athlete, and was an Academic All-District 1 University Division (1st Team, received twice), Patriot League First Team Conference All-Star, was on the Patriot League Academic Honor Roll (each year), an inductee into the Gold Key, was recognized as Solider of the Quarter on three occasions, received the Brigade Tactical Officer’s recognition for exceptional motivation and performance on the obstacle course, received the Most Valuable Player Darlene Lee Dondero Memorial Award, while leading the Team in 10 categories Firstie Year, and was #1 in Academy All-Time Career Softball Records for number of games played, at 200, and number of at bats, at 584, indicates Lindsey Gerheim’s commitment.

To appreciate her physical courage we mention an incident prior to her entry in 2003. While playing in a national tournament, Lindsey was hit in the jaw with a fast pitch, which swelled to the size of a softball, knocked her down, leaving her woozy. After shaking it off, she refused to be taken out, walked to first and eventually scored. Lindsey finished the game and the tournament, playing through the pain. During her Cadet days, she once hurt her ankle in one of the gym multi task events, but in similar fashion, Lindsey played through the handicap. In another incident at the Academy, Lindsey dislocated her finger in practice. It was popped back in, taped, iced, and Lindsey was back on the field for the next practice. In four years and 200 games, Lindsey was always there for her team – ready to play and win.

As stated in the Nomination Process, we leave it to the Office of Athletic Communications to provide the detailed statistics of her athletic accomplishments.

However, to justify a point in our conclusion, we take the liberty to list some Plebe accomplishments. Lindsey Gerheim was selected as the Patriot League Softball Freshman of the Year, received the Patriot League Scholar Athlete Award and West Point Scholar Athlete Award, was a Patriot League First Team All-Star, was selected as West Point’s Softball Offensive Player of the Year, and batted .316 – first among starters.

During her 4 years, Lindsey played each of the outfield positions, shortstop, 2nd and 3rd base and was the designated hitter on a number of occasions. An athlete’s success is normally established based on the stats achieved playing one position. For a Team to have a member who can switch positions to accommodate a teammate’s injury or fill a position upon graduation of another exemplifies “leadership, courage, devotion to duty, self-sacrifice, and – above all – an unselfish concern for the team ahead of oneself.”

Lindsey Gerheim’s leadership is what is compelling to members of the Class of 1962. Lindsey was accepted as a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, West Point’s representative to the Patriot League, guest speaker at NYU’s Symposium on Behavioral Science & Leadership, and Senior Team Captain. West Point recognized her Leadership awarding her the Softball Outstanding Leader-Athlete Award each of her 4 years.

In his annual report, our 31st Superintendent wrote – “Nothing more quickly than competitive athletics brings out the qualities of leadership, quickness of decision, promptness of action, mental and muscular coordination, aggressiveness, and courage.”

Lindsey entered West Point with those qualities. West Point strengthened them, giving the Army a Career Officer of the highest standards.

And below exemplifies why we, members of the Class of 1962, Nominate Lindsey Gerheim for the Army Sports Hall of Fame.

I had the honor and privilege of playing softball with CPT Lindsey Gerheim. I was a Plebe when she was a Firstie, and I could have not asked for a better role model. She was a leader, friend, mentor, and confidant both on and off the field. As a Plebe, I was unable to understand fully what she did for the team.

As I progressed through the Academy and later became the team captain, I realized the vast effect that she had on the team and on me. She was a true leader who was able to address issues and concerns of the team, and either solve them prior to them being brought to the coaching staff, or bring them to the staff with a solution that needed approval. She was always there for the team regardless of the issues and never turned her back no matter the situation. To this day, I continue to go to CPT Gerheim for mentorship and guidance as I consider her one of the most positive, clear headed and honest leaders that the Army is lucky to have in its ranks.

She stood out as a leader on the Softball Team, in the Corps of Cadets, and still to this day in the Army. — Jennae Tomlinson, Class of 2010

Class 2007

Company – Plebe – H4 Yearling/Firstie – C3

Home Town – Alpharetta, Georgia

High School – Milton – Alpharetta, Georgia

Date of Entry to Academy – R Day – 2003

Date of Graduation – May 26, 2007

Age at Graduation – 22

Cullum Number

Cadet Rank & Military Position

Firstie – Captain – Brigade Headquarters Company Commander
(lead/manage 74 cadets, each having their own leadership

Cow – First Sergeant – (lead/manage 4 platoons consisting of
140 cadets

Team — Softball

Coach – Jim Flowers

Asst. Coach – Michelle Gerdes

Officer Representative

Team Senior Captain Firstie Year – Lindsey J Gerheim

Positions Played

Plebe – Designated Hitter and all Outfields

Yearling – all Outfields and Second Base

Cow – Third Base and Short Stop

Firstie – Short Stop

First cadet “Utility” player to play at six different positions during the 4 years

Individual Academy Recognition

– Awarded an Army A each of her 4 years

Plebe – Softball Offensive Player of the Year

– Outstanding Leader Athlete

– Scholar Athlete

Yearling – Outstanding Leader Athlete

– Scholar Athelte

Cow – Outstanding Leader Athlete

– Scholar Athlete

Firstie – Most Valuable Player – Cadet Darlene Lee Dondero
Memorial Award

– Outstanding Leader Athlete

– Scholar Athlete

Led the 2007 team in ten categories

– Batting Average (.394)

– At-Bats (155)

– Hits (61)

– Doubles (11)

– RBI’s (30)

– Total Bases (95)

– Slugging % (.613)

– On Base % (.435)

– Stolen Bases (6)

– Assists (128)

Individual National Recognition

Yearling – ESPN The Magazine – Academic All-District 1
University Division – First Team (* Only
sophomore of 12 selected) – (* First ever Army
player to earn first team honors)

Cow – National Fast Pitch Coaches Association – All-American
Scholar Athlete

– Tied NCAA and broke Patriot League and Academy single
game records for hitting 3 triples in consecutive at-

Firstie – ESPN The Magazine – Academic ALL-American (Third
Team)(* First ever award in softball

– ESPN The Magazine – Academic ALL-District 1
University Division First Team) – (Second
career award – (* First Army Two-Time Award Winner)

– Lowes Senior Class Award –(* First Army
Softball Player to win National Award)

– NCAA National Softball Rankings – All-Time #70

– All American Scholar Athlete Award – NFCA (National
Fast Pitch Coaches Association)

Individual Regional Recognition

Plebe – Louisville Slugger National Fast Pitch Coaches
Association Mid Atlantic All-Region (Second Team)

Yearling – Louisville Slugger National Fast Pitch Coaches
Association Mid Atlantic All-Region (Second Team)

Cow – Eastern College Athletic Conference Division One Player
of the Week (March 20)

Firstie – Eastern College Athletic Conference Award

Individual Patriot League Recognition

Plebe – Freshman of the Year

– First Team All-Star

– Scholar Athlete Award

Yearling – Conference All-Star

– Scholar Atlete Award

Cow – Conference All-Star

– Scholar Athlete Award

– Player of the Week (March 20)

Firstie – First Team Conference All-Star

– All-Tournament Team

– Scholar Athlete of the Year

– Academic Honor Roll

– Honorable Mention – (February 27)

– Honorable Mention – (March 6)

– Player of the Week – (March 20)

– Honorable Mention – (March 26)

– Honorable Mention – (April 2)

– Player of the Week – (April 9)

Patriot League Career Records – #9 – Hits

– #5 Tied – Home Runs

Patriot League 2007 Season Records – #1 – Total Bases – 95

– #2 – Batting Average – .394

– #2 – Slugging % – .613

– #3 – At Bats – 155

– #4 – On Base % – .435

– #1 Tied – Hits – 61

– #1 Tied – Home Runs – 7

– #3 Tied – RBI’s – 30

– #4 Tied – Doubles – 11

– #7 – Stolen Bases – 6

Individual Academy All-Time Career Records

West Point all-time Home Run record broken
with 18th Home Run – extended record to 20 Home

– #1 Games Played – 200

– #1 At Bats – 584

– #2 Hits – 195

– #2 Runs Batted In – 100

– #2 Total Bases – 300

– Top Ten – Batting Average – .333

– Top Ten – Doubles – 33

– Top Ten – Runs Scored – 109

– Top Ten – Walks – 51

– Top Ten – Triples – 6 (Three consecutive in one game)

Academy Appointments and Recognition

– West Point Representative to Patriot League

– Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

– Guest Speaker – New York University Symposium on Behavioral
Sciences and Leadership

– Cadet Advisor to Behavioral Science and Leadership

– Leadership Management Board

– Recognized by Behavioral Science and Leadership Department
for design and execution of highly functional corps-wide
Social Network Program

– Awarded First Choice of Branch and Post Location

Academic Stars

Plebe – Dean’s List (1st and 2nd terms)

– Soldier of the Quarter Award (2nd Term)

– Silver Star

Yearling – Dean’s List (1st and 2nd Terms)

– Soldier of the Quarter Awards (1st and 2nd Terms)

– Silver Star

Cow – Dean’s List (1st and 2nd Terms)

– Promoted to First Sergeant

– Silver Star

Firstie – Superintendent’s 5 Star with Gold Wreath 1 of 9
cadets out of 1,006)

– Distinguished Cadet Award

– Dean’s List (1st and 2nd Terms) 8th consecutive

– Silver Star

4th Annual Award)

– Pentathlete Award

– Number One Cadet in Order of Merit – Management 390 –

– Number One Cadet in Order Of Merit – Psychology 360 –
Psychology of Elite Performance

– Bronze Medalist – General John J. Pershing Writing

– Inducted Omicron Delta Kappa – Leadership National
Honor Society

– Inducted Golden Key – International Honor Society

Post Academy Education – Earned MBA in Business Security and
Organizational Management – Webster’s

Post Academy Softball Awards

– All Army Softball Team

– 2009 – Silver Medal

– 2010 – Gold Medal

– 2012 – Gold Medal

– All-Armed Forces Tournament Softball Team

– 2009 – Runner-Up – ASA Open National Championships

– 2010 – 3rd Place – ASA Open National Championships

– 2012 – Runner-Up – ASA Open National Championships

Post and Unit Softball Involvement and Awards
– 2009 – 716th MP Battalion Post COED Team – Ft. Campbell, KY

– 2010 – 716th MP Battalion Post COED Team – Ft. Campbell, KY

– 2011 – 701st MP Battalion Post Women’s Team – Ft. Leonard
Wood, MO – Team undefeated and Post Champions

– 2012 – 22nd MP Battalion Post COED Team – JBLM, WA – Record
9/1 and Regular Season Champions

Post Academy Public Speaking Engagements

– 2008 – Youngest Grad Speaker at the Georgia Military Academy
Ball – Ft. McPherson

– 2009 – Guest Panelist at the West Point Negotiations
Conference – USMA

– 2012 – Guest Speaker at the University of Nevada Las Vegas
Military Ball – UNLV

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