Ace Adams

James Adams – Army Lacrosse Coach 1958 – 1969

Hall of Fame – – –

Coach Ace Adams being chunked into the Severn River after the 1961 Army-Navy Lacrosse game, won by Army 10-8.

This game, played in the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, was the first lacrosse game ever to be televised nationally. Ron Hannon ’61 seemed to come up with every ground ball and Dick Buckner ’61 hit a Navy defenseman so hard I felt the ground shake.

One of the best lacrosse pictures I’ve ever seen is in our 62 Howitzer of Mac Howard taking a shot in that game. Rusty Broshous scored two goals when we needed them most. Our victory enabled Army to share the National Championship with Navy- we had dropped a game to Virginia earlier.

As you can guess, we were jubilant. As soon as coach hit the water, we all jumped in after him still in uniform. “Holy Cow (or perhaps words a little stronger)! The tide’s out!” shouted Dave Harkins. We were facing a six foot high sea-wall. Fortunately, our ever-faithful bus driver Jake knew what to do. He retrieved a rope and life-saving ring from Halsey Field House and fished us out one by one. by Butch Darrell – 1962 Lacrosse Captain

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