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There will be a series of links. Please note that the idea behind the Army Lore Setion is that the story represents all Army Athletes – but it makes the reader want to know more — thus names are only used when absolutely necessary. What is below is draft — Draft of ideas and words which is subject to your collective rework. Initial comments provided by 2Lt Alex Mcguire ’09

1. The story in Army Lore – it will be the 2d story just below the 53 Team and above General Bradley

The Loss was devastating – to the Players from whom their Coach had drawn so much; to the Corps of Cadets which had risen to such passion and to we Graduates who seek such excellence from West Point’s Teams. Two years later remaining team members wanted to try and put meaning into what they once had – Major Wallen mentioned collecting a stone from each Campus in the League. As the years unfold might those players rise again to that same height of committment whenever our Nation calls on them in time of need.

2. The Site Marker is at ForWhatTheyGaveOnSaturdayAfternoon.com/site Note rather than site for the link we might use The Stones or some such. It will have 2 Photos

The first will show the her entire marker – then a close up of the stones

In time the rain, the winter snow, the wind driving down the Hudson will scatter the stones onto the surrounding ground. Perhaps over the next 60 or so years, every four out of five years as the players of that Team return for their Class Reunions, they will bring back a stone from the places they have served throught the World

3. The next link will be to the 2005-2006 Women’s Basketball page.

The players, the four Classes represented here, played with an uncommon intensity. There was something Maggie Dixon imparted to them – some how an overriding committment to Team, of self sacrifice that was to sustainthem even after her loss.

Front Row (Sitting Left to Right): Cara Enright, Adrienne Payne, Joanne Carelus, Jen Hansen, Erin Begonia, Margaree “Redd” King, Micky Mallette, Alex McGuire, Anna Wilson, Megan Ennenga
Second Row: Ashley Magnani, Stefanie Stone, Megan Vrabel, Natalie Schmidt, Jillian Busch, Megan Evans, Courtney Wright
Back Row: Col Donna Brazil, Mary Kurnat, Dave Magarity, Craig Madzinski, Maggie Dixon, Jen Fleming, Kelly Flahive, 2LT Rejera Arnold, Sam Smay

The last link will be
For Comments by the Class of ’62 go to ForWhatTheyGaveOnSaturdayAfternoon.com/wp-1962/index 3d Column 2d entry

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