John Easterbrook

John & Hanh Easterbrook

I was just the basketball manager and only qualified for a black Army A — hardly qualified to be in the company of the true jocks.

My fondest memories were watching Stu Sherard perform. He had the smoothest jump shot I have ever seen, and witnessing him pile up Academy and national records was a real pleasure. He certainly was a very consistent performer.

I will also never forget Bob Loupe scoring the winning basket in our victory over Navy in 1962. After three years of losing to Navy, it was a very emotional win.

I was the official scorer for that game (because Army was the home team) and right after he game was over the Navy scorer told me that he had Navy winning by one point vice Army winning by one point. My book was the official book and was correct; the Navy scorer had failed to record one Army field goal.


John nominated his Grandfather for induction into the Army Sports Hall of Fame Vinegar Joe Stilwell was inducted on the 17th of September 2010

Turk Griffith and I were in the basic officer’s course together at Fort Gordon, GA, and Turk (and others) played on a touch football team. The team was stacked with former college players and had its way with the other teams in the league.

Turk played on the inside of the offensive line and had a much larger varsity college player on his outside. The other teams would frequently complain that Turk was not abiding by the rules and I can vividly remember the referee getting right up on the line to try to catch Turk doing something illegal.

Now I am sure Turk would never do anything outside the rules, but since the referee was shielded from seeing everything by the player to Turk’s outside, Turk was never called for an infraction.

Griffith Hall at Fort Gordon is, of course, named for Turk. It is a BOQ or VOQ and, I am told, has recently been renovated.

Grandson of  Joe Stilwell the Commanding General China Burma India Theater WW II  China_Burma_India_Seal.svg.png
 Added by a Friend – John has traveled to China on a number of occasions and has assisted in 1991 the People’s Republic of China establishment of the Stilwell

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