Sons of Slum & Gravy

by Bill Mogan

Sons of Slum and Gravy chronicles the coming of age of a child of the 1950’s. William W. (Bill) Mogan shares an engaging personal story that leads him along a path to West Point and the Class of 1962. His experiences there and after graduation cause him to develop a deep and abiding respect and affection for his classmates.

The author writes along parallel tracks of his own personal experience and those of twenty-eight of his West Point colleagues he believes exemplify the motto of the United States Military Academy: Duty, Honor, Country.

While the reading public may recognize the names of only a few of the classmates featured by the author, members of the profession of arms will be sure to know many of them.

Yet this is not a book about the military exploits of highly decorated soldiers, marines, and airmen. Rather it emphasizes the broad contributions to the nation by a cross section of one West Point class, while in and out of uniform.

One cannot complete the book without gaining a deeper appreciation of not just the dedication and sacrifice displayed by the men individually but also a more complete understanding of the mission of our country’s school for soldiers, the United States Military Academy.

About The Author

Bill Mogan, patriot and friend, was born and raised in South Minneapolis, Minnesota, a true child of the 50’s. Elvis, rock and roll, and drive-ins were his companions throughout a joyous boyhood.

His path to West Point meandered through high school, the deck of a Great Lakes iron ore steamer, and prep school, finally arriving at the US Military Academy to take his oath on July 1, 1958.

After graduation, he pursued an intense interest in weaponry and ammunition, first in the US Air Force and subsequently with defense contractors. Bill died in October of 2006 having dashed to the finish line with his story. His wife, Loretta, completed his work. She lives in Rochester, Minnesota, with her Welsh springer spaniel.

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