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Founded in 1982, The Washington Group – Consultants is a Virginia limited liability company providing transformation services across human resources, education and training development, general management, and turn-around management functions to more than one hundred commercial and not-for-profit clients in a variety of industries. Selected industry engagements are summarized below.


Assembled eleven agribusiness properties in Romania for unified financing and development following collapse of economy, including but not limited to cattle, poultry, grain storage, dairy, fruit, and nut production operations. Managed review and evaluation of some thirty agribusiness projects in Republic of Belarus for funding and development following USDA program completion. Prepared business and development plans for pork production in Texas, Virginia, and other locations. Coordinated finance submissions to international banks.

Communications Management:

Assisted one of top two communications providers in United States with modernization of communications engineering systems for national and international data circuits. Accomplished reorganization of facilities and circuit engineering functions in time of high stress and workloads. Oversight over reduction of 40,000 overdue work orders in three months.

Developed and managed data systems on communications facilities in Eastern half of United States, including microwave facilities (capability and access), fixed bases, buildings, and equipment for multi-national communications provider. Assisted in strategic analysis of long term business opportunities.

Computers and Systems Management:

Compiled substantial reference and competitive assessment background materials in all phases of data processing, data storage, communications, internet services, information management, data systems research, and personal computing as part of outsourcing program for global company.

Education and Training Management:

Developed market-based pricing and budgeting standards for re-engineering one of world’s largest education and training organizations. Lead development of new business planning systems and financial models to demonstrate enhanced cost and profit performance (ten-fold increases). Negotiated with selected vendors in six support industries to begin outsourcing of non-training functions for improved cost and operations performance.

Education Facilities Marketing

Assisted Fortune 500 Company with facilities services marketing throughout Eastern United States. Established and maintained contact with more than 700 institutions to expand market penetration in custodial, grounds management and landscape, and plant operations and maintenance in target market.

Electronic Systems Development and Manufacture:

Developed manufacturing cost analyses, corporate economic models, logistics plans, product pricing evaluations, installation and maintenance training, and other guidelines for other product support functions for new electronic technology being manufactured in Asia and installed throughout the United States.

Federal Agency Liaison and Engineering Management
Assisted client organizations to establish and expand contract and working relationships with US Army Corps of Engineers District and Division Offices, US Naval Sea Systems Command (to include Naval Warfare Centers, Shipyards et al.) and Others


Federal and Defense Contracting and Marketing:

Assisted minority and other global companies to develop marketing, business development, business, financing, and acquisition strategies in defense and non-defense sectors.

International Humanitarian Activities:

Organized and directed three significant international humanitarian aid operations during 1992 and 1993 in Former Soviet Union, to include recruiting and staffing organization of up to thirty U.S. professional, one hundred international professionals, and ninety volunteer workers for delivery of more than 16,000 metric tons of food to more than 1,000 destinations, 125,000 individual families, and 262 cities in Republic of Belarus. Negotiated series of international agreements at Council of Ministers, Regional, commercial, and local levels with service providers. Managed 2.6 Billion ruble monetization program.

Formed, staffed, and managed Secretariat for international Joint Commission for Humanitarian Assistance in Republic of Belarus. Administered solicitation, evaluation, multi-discipline panel review, and selection of top proposals of more than 340 interdisciplinary entrepreneurial and social program proposals. Supervised implementation and financing for program.

Developed and conducted two-day business and entrepreneurial seminar for more than 1,000 professionals in two languages on all phases of business development and management in Republic of Belarus. Supervised six supplementary seminars attended by some 700 persons.

Arranged logistics and international agreements for delivery of $6.0 million in donated medicines, equipment and services to Kosovo Refugees in Macedonia.

International Standardization (ISO 9000):

Developed plans, instructions, workload estimates, and overall strategy for major facilities services company to achieve ISO 9000 certification.

Nuclear Power Engineering:

Recruited, organized, and developed proposals to field a team of fifty (50) of the top nuclear scientists in the United States for the purpose of providing full service support in the future to Asian utilities undertaking development and construction of nuclear power plants. Scope of work may encompass a total of 40 plants in China, 20-30 plants in India, and six plants in Middle East. Consortium will include up to six companies and five laboratories on three continents.

Services Pricing and Outsourcing:

Developed specifications, requests for proposal packages, evaluation criteria, pricing assessment tools, and economic models to enable global company to meet or improve on market prices and quality for wide range of business and technical services. Provided proposals, preliminary agreements, and work plans to client for use in outsourcing and/or establishing internal and external pricing for products and support services in five communications and services industries on worldwide basis. Doubled net profit targets for 1999 and beyond using global economic model for fifteen lines of business.

Turn-Around Management:

Conducted six corporate turn-arounds in period from 1991 – 1999, including two consumer and durable goods manufacturers with staff in excess of 600 persons, multiple corporate locations, and annual revenues in excess of $ 25.0 million.

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For further information: John B. Mumford, Managing Director (703) 591- 6600

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