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CAUTION – Graduates should not mention this Web Site to High School Student Athletes. Compliance with both the letter and intent of NCAA Rules is an Academy Expectation. Questions can be resolved by contacting Ron Salvatore or his Staff at Army Athletics Association, Assistant Athletics Director – Compliance and Academics (845) 938-2576 Ron.Salvatore@usma.edu

Note – this is a Class of 1962 Web Site; it is NOT an Official United States Military Academy Web Site

Recognition of Teams

“When they first met nearly his first words were – “‘I don’t know anything about Football. Tell me something about it.” After a sentence or two he said “Let’s talk about something else.” He was a very cultured man. However, over the next two years he was to say more than once , “I will pattern my next Army Corps after the Army Team.” West Point’s 42d Superintendent came to appreciate an athlete’s subordination to team success is exactly the expectation for a graduate’s commitment to unit success.“You Have to Pay the Price” – Chapter XIV

The United States Military Academy exists for one purpose and one purpose only – to provide military officers for our Nation. Graduates are expected to have an unselfish concern for unit success ahead of one’s self.

John will take out two — Al will just have to run over the last Middie.

PURPOSE The purpose of the Army Sports Hall of Fame, located within the Kenna Hall of Army Sports, is to honor the athletes, coaches, teams, administrators and others who have brought distinction to Army athletics over its many years of existence. Those team and individual achievements deemed worthy of admittance, based on the established criteria, will be formally recognized with displays in a designated Hall of Fame area of the Kenna Hall of Army Sports, located within the Kimsey Athletic Center.

As General Patton stated

“The Army moves as a team, eats as a team, and fights as a team.”

The Class of ’62 and the Classes of the early sixties understand the importance of Teams.

In Vietnam individuals performed heroically and with great sacrifice. 58,000 dead–over 200,000 wounded. Thousands of individual awards for heroism and service (MOH, DSC, NavC, SS, etc).

But we lost! The team lost! Individuals performed extremely well–but the head coaches and the administration had the wrong strategy and play book–so we lost. Despite the tremendous effort, heroism and sacrifice the team lost.

How many medals for heroism and service would we have been willing to give back for victory. How many medals would we return to get back even a few of those 58,000 lives.

Individual efforts, achievement and heroism should be honored. But, Team Victory is the objective in any war and it should be the focus of the Army and of West Point. Out of all the hundreds of schools in America, if only one honored Team achievement it should be West Point!

Members from the Classes of the 50’s and 60’s believe it is important the Cadet Corps never be given the impression that individual accomplisment is more important than success of the unit.

We are asking Graduates to assist in establishing a suitable criteria to recognize Teams. We will be contacting the Colleges and Universities across the Nation which do recognize Teams to determine the criteria for their programs.

—– Must the success of the 2005 – 2006 Women’s Basketball Team be unknown to the Cadets of the 2019-2020 Cadet Corps?

—– Must the 6 & 0 seasons of the 1972, 1973, and 1974 150 Pound Football Teams go unrecognized?

—– Should the Corps of Cadets know that the “Class the Stars Fell On” went 9 – 0 in the Fall of 1914, beating Navy 20 – 0.

The success and National Recognition of our Alma Mater over the last several years is the result of an entire Staff and Faculty effort.

We understand West Point will probably never have another National Title. However, Colleges and Universities which do include Teams in their Hall of Fame do not require just National Titles for induction.

Below needs a lot of work

As we contact these schools to assist in developing a suitable criteria for West Point we ask that you contact the Academy to stress the importance of Team accomplishment above individual achievement in the training of the Cadet Corps
— Please go to the below web page —————————

A starting point is the Black Lion Award given to an Army Football Player each year and to Football Players throughout the Nation. Although then Award is intended to go to the person on his team – –

“who best exemplifies the character of Don Holleder: leadership, courage, devotion to duty, self-sacrifice, and – above all – an unselfish concern for the team ahead of himself.”

There are some teams in which every member deserves such recognition. Perhaps in the near future we will have an Army Football Team in which each player is recognized by all for

“an unselfish concern for the team ahead of himself”

That will be a Team in which upon Graduation every player will have earned —

“I want an officer for a secret and dangerous mission? I want a West Point Football player.”

That will be a Hall of Fame Team

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