Rescuing America

Great novel, if you dare! – June 30, 2010

By Bob Carroll –

This is a great book. It is a fast-moving, action-packed novel set in 2020, when many of our current social problems, extrapolated, come to a head and are resolved by a mini-revolution, conducted by people some would call descendents of today’s tea party movement.

Fast moving, highly entertaining and scary! – July 31, 2010

By James Ellis, LTGEN, USA (Ret) –

Ernie Webb is greatly concerned about the current direction of our Country. In his opinion (and I agree) we are rapidly altering the basic principles upon which our Republic and our Constitution were founded. His book lays out a possible scenario if current trends continue. And, it demands thoughtful action for reversing this dangerous trend and for reigniting the beacon of Freedom and Hope that has always shown from America. “Rescuing America” is a fast moving, highly entertaining novel. If you are a true, patriotic American, this book will scare you mightily!

Rescuing America! We Are Taking Her Back!

The year was 2020. Middle America had had enough. Frustrated and angry at the corruption, greed and incompetence exhibited by the government and corporate America, tired of being ridiculed by the liberal press, and furious at the government’s failure to control terrorism and illegal immigration, middle America was ready to respond. Then, two distinct and terrible disasters greatly magnified all of these problems. First, there was a natural disaster of Biblical proportions. This was followed by multiple Islamic terrorist attacks. America was weakened beyond belief. The situation was critical. Middle America responded as they always have: working together. But would that be enough? Could we show enough resolve to keep our foreign enemies from attacking us? Could we in Middle America succeed in forcing our government to return to the tenets and values of our Founding Fathers? Could we become, again, a nation of laws as enumerated by the U.S. Constitution? It would be a tough fight, but do not discount the power of the American people. Once riled, we are a force with which to be reckoned! And we are riled!
The Second Amendment to Our Constitution is our insurance policy.

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