Draft Plaque ’53 room

1953 Army Football Team


He ordered the door secured and as he turned his eyes were misty.

“I never coached a team that gave me more than you did.

I never have coached a team that has given me as much satisfaction. Considering
all the conditions since 1951,

you have done more for football at West Point than any other team in the history of the Academy.”

Coach Earl H Blaik Nov 28, 1953 – – – – Selected Football Coach of the Year

The 17 October defeat of the 7th ranked Duke Blue Devils

at the Polo Grounds was designated as the Collegiate Game of the Year.

On 20 December 1953, The Lambert Trophy was Awarded at West Point

to the Corps of Cadets and the Army Football Team

The Donors Plaque will be –

Given by Members of the 1953 – 1954 Corps of Cadets

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