very first note ’53 Football Team Room Dedication at Thayer

The Hotel Thayer is undergoing a high-tech renovation. Each Room’s Decor will reflect the accomplishments of a Graduate. Thirty members of the 1958 Football Team and Class have committed to the sponsorship of a room honoring the ’58 Team.

What you accomplished in the Fall of 1953 was not just a Team effort; it was as Bob Mischak (who started in the Famed 1958 – Greatest Game Ever Played ) and who was member of 3 Super Bowl winning teams, involved in 8 AFC Championship games and numerous playoff games) stated in referring to your defeat of the nationally ranked Duke Blue Devils at the Polo Grounds – “From a player’s stand point, that was the epitome of any game, team, and student body support that I’ve been associated with – bar none.”

You have your memories and ’62 has one Classmate whose Father took him to the Duke Game and one Classmate who watched all the Home Games from a tall oak tree behind the old stands at the North end of Michie.

However, today’s Corps of Cadets may know of what was accomplished in 1958 but they know NOTHING of what 1953 – 1954 Corps of Cadets accomplished. The Class of 1962 has contributed over $1000 as a start toward a Room Dedication for the 1953 Team. Ralph Chesnauskas and Bob Farris have submitted their contributions as have others. The Class of 1954 has committed to support the funding of The ’53 Team Room once the Committee approves the designation.

This should not be an individual Class effort, it should not be a Football Team effort, it should be a 1953-1954, Corps of Cadets effort. It was your Team. It was you along with members of the Staff and Faculty who surrounded the practice field each day. What your Team accomplished, what you accomplished, must become a source of Pride to today’s Corps of Cadets, just as it was source of Pride for the Class of 1962.

Item’s you might consider for the Room – A lockable glass cabinet, someone may have a victory football. On the walls a Photo of the Team –

Mischak, Attaya, Lodge, Norm Stepen, Jerry Hagan, Lowell Sisson, Lunn, Ski Ordway, Tommy Bell, Franklin, and Zaborowski, Holleder, Mericle, Vann, Chesnauskas, Farris, Uebel and many others.

Note – – Jerry Lodge – who wore #32 is missing from Photo as is Norm Stephen. 2d man 2d row next to Tommy Bell – Name is Zaborowski. Wynn #31 is actually in the 2d row not the 3rd. Others are missing and perhaps first names should be added along with Class.

Does anyone have a photo of the Plebe Team from the Fall of ’53? There are 2 poor photos of the B Squad. Bat Lang ’55 sent a 1952 photo of the Class of ’56 Plebe Team – Russ Mericle (2 Army A’s in Football) can put a name to each.

A Photo of Billy’s grand entrance into Washington Hall with caption that the White House had to order Billy’s return, Jay’s cannon coins with caption that Plebes could not play varsity sports, Leroy Lunn receiving the Lambert on behalf of the Corps of Cadets and your Team, and a Cheerleaders photo.

Perhaps a book with photos of the Cannon, Chopper, Robe going up, Lowell Sisson’s recovery of Rox Shain’s opening kickoff which was fumbled by Navy, Hagan handing off to Attaya, General Van Fleet’s address to the Corps prior to the Navy Game along with many others. Does anyone have pictures of the machines the Cadet Companies constructed? L2 was proud of their 8′ tall device depicting Bob Farris scrubbing the Navy Goat. As you remember it was powered by Plebes lying on their backs driving a bicycle-like mechanism.

If you wish, a copy of the 13 page Nomination of the Team for the Sports Hall of Fame by the Class of ’62 can be provided for the book.

Certainly the highlight video of that season, must be part of the room.

Perhaps you still have enough influence with the Academy that you could ask the Corps of Cadets to tape 2 or 3 reps of your bugle call, drum roll, and chant of GO! GO! GO! for the room. The 4,000 of today’s Corps will not quite match the chant which shook the old Polo Grounds, but they can try.

Perhaps the Plaque on the door could read something similar to –

1953 Army Football Team

“I never coached a team that give me more than you did. I never have coached a team that has given me as much satisfaction. —- ” Col Blaik Nov. 28, 1953

Given by Members of the 1953 – 1954 USCC

The Room Selection Committee approved a room to be dedicated to the 1953 Army Football Team on 1 March 2011. If you believe today’s Cadet Corps deserves to know what you did then make a check out to –

Hudson River Partners

In the memo section insert – 1953 Team Room

Hudson River Partners are the Management Company for the Thayer.

(Note just send what you can afford – and please pass this on to Classmates)

Mail the Check to Wayne Culberth

Thayer Hotel 674 Thayer Road

West Point, NY 10996

Phil Burns

On behalf of the Class of 1962

Can Do

Please note the Roster of Graduates will be used to contact Graduates – so there may be duplication of message. It would help to receive a simple Email reply – “check sent with first & last name” (We will be able to insure that Wayne has each check and a 53 does not get mixed up with the 58 box).

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