When he points that finger

You Had Better Listen

The 1985 Princeton 150 Game – he gave 26 years to the 150s

He was a 150 Quarterback

Jim’s commitment to 150 Football began in 1958 as a Plebe Quarterback. Later, as an instructor in the Department of Mathematics (1969 – 1971), Jim was an Army 150 assistant coach. In 1970, Jim was assigned by Coach Tipton to be Head Coach of the Plebe Team. As upper classmen the Cadets from his two Plebe Teams contributed to the domination of the league for the next 4 years.

Returning to West Point as Permanent Professor in 1980, Jim rejoined the 150s where he served as Officer Representative for 19 years until his retirement from active duty in the fall of 1998. While providing the continuity for the program’s four different Head Coaches, Larry Henley (1980-81), Bob Knapp (1982-84), Tim Mingey (1984-86) and Bob Thompson (1986-1998); Jim recruited the assistant coaches from the Academic and Tactical Departments. Many of these assistant coaches were former Army 150 players who sustained and reinforced the 150 / Lightweight culture — dedication to excellence, a winning tradition, and commitment to team. These assistant coaches were one of the reasons the Army 150 / Lightweight Football Program was one of the most successful at the Academy. The teams during that period won over 80% of their games, won league championships, beat Navy regularly and won several bowl games. The most significant accomplishment of these teams was that they consistently won the Academy’s award to the athletic team with the best combined performance in all areas of cadet development — academics, military aptitude and athletics.

For 19 years there were two constants in the Army 150 / Lightweight Program – winning football and Colonel Kays on the sideline.

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