Class of 1962 – We Remember & Thanks

Class of 1962 – We Remember & Thanks

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His Dad took him to the ’53 Army Duke Game. He still recalls the sound of
The Bugles, The Drums, The Chanting – The Incessant Chanting – GO! GO!! GO!!!

Lois Bartelme for Mike

Den & Barbara Benchoff

Glen & Ann Blumhardt

Bob & Sue Brogi
As a kid, Bob would climb a tall oak on the North end of Michie to watch his Black Knights play

Phil & Molly Burns

John & Hanh Easterbrook

James & Carol Ellis

Marlene Garvey for Dick

Jim & Jeane Kays

George & Karen Kirschenbauer

Evelyn Morin for Carl

Alfred & Lynda Rushatz

George & Diana Schein
Chairman of the Cadet Honor Committee

John & Peggy Wagner

For 815 Classmates who became the West Point Class of 1962 – July 1958

If you wish to contribute – –

Contribution Checks should be made out to Hudson River Partners
List 1953 Team on the envelope & check and mail to

Marina Nayberg
The Thayer Hotel
674 Thayer Road
West Point, NY 10996

ext. 7949

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