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Chris Keuker

Chris & Dixie Sewell

Rifle Team as a Plebe.

First Classmate to go to Vietnam – First Classmate to become a prisoner of War – although not in that order.

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Bill Morgan

4 Years on the Rifle Team – Class Numerals, Army A Cow and Firstie Year.

Army Navy 1961 – 1962 Winter Sports

Gymnastics is Eastern Conference Champion and Army over Navy in Basketball, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Track & Field, Squash and Pistol while losing only Rifle and Swimming.


Ed Brown

Oscar Gallman

Cold Blooded Determination

Coach Gallman and 62 Team Captain Ed Brown

Army Rifle Team Coach 1953 to 1963

Earned 11 President’s Hundred Medals

Retired as a Sergeant Major at West Point in 1963. Fought with the 2d Armored Division in World War II. “Hell on Wheel” patch on shoulder.