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Dave McLaughlin

Swimming 4 Years Numerals & 2 Monograms, Judo Club, Water Polo Club


Ted Stroup

Swimming Team all 4 years. Assistant Coach Firstie Year. Was to end his Military Career wearing Stars.

Army Navy 1961 – 1962 Winter Sports

Gymnastics is Eastern Conference Champion and Army over Navy in Basketball, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Track & Field, Squash and Pistol while losing only Rifle and Swimming.

Barry Thomas

Swimming Team Captain

2 Academy records

Mike Kilroy

Captaim of the Swimming Team

Killed in Vietnam


Barry Thomas – Team Captain

Class of 1964 Plebe Swim Team — Ted Stroup – 62 on left 2d row their Coach

Barry on left, Chuck Solohub ’61 next to Barry

61 Swim Team

1961 Army Navy

“Chuck Abbott” Lane 4 and Chuck Solahub “61 in Lane 3

Nick Vay

Soccer and swimming

Chuck Abbot

Football & Swimming

Swimming & Diving Women

Women’s Swimming & Diving pages

Swimming & Diving Men

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