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Dave McLaughlin

David & Barbara McLaughlin  
As Plebes Dave asked Lee Taylor “Will you teach me” – two years later when they placed winning certificates on General Stillwell’s desk, he said “Do not do that again”.  They did it again and General Stilwell approved Judo as an Academy Club.

Swimming 4 Years Numerals & 2 Monograms, Judo Club, Water Polo Club


Ted Stroup

Swimming Team all 4 years. Assistant Coach Firstie Year. Was to end his Military Career wearing Stars.

Army Navy 1961 – 1962 Winter Sports

Gymnastics is Eastern Conference Champion and Army over Navy in Basketball, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Track & Field, Squash and Pistol while losing only Rifle and Swimming.

Barry Thomas

Bob & Patricia Thomas

Swimming Team Captain

2 Academy records

Mike Kilroy

Captaim of the Swimming Team

Killed in Vietnam


Barry Thomas – Team Captain

Class of 1964 Plebe Swim Team — Ted Stroup – 62 on left 2d row their Coach

Barry on left, Chuck Solohub ’61 next to Barry

61 Swim Team

1961 Army Navy

“Chuck Abbott” Lane 4 and Chuck Solahub “61 in Lane 3

Nick Vay

Soccer and swimming

Chuck Abbot

Football & Swimming

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Swimming & Diving Men

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