Glen Blumhardt

Glen & Ann Blumhardt      Football, 2 Army “A”s, Stars. 1st Regimental Comd, Vice President; 325th Airborne Inf, USMA, MACV, 101st Airborne, CO 1/30th Inf, ODCSO USAREUR, ODCSOPS, G3 XVIII Corps. When he and George closed on Mike Ditka, they stopped him in his tracts. As Mike jogged back to the Pittsburg huddle, George and Al helped him to his feet. Spitting out most of 5 teeth, all he could say was “Well at least we stopped him”. Defensive Back of the Week. Believed using a pencil with eraser to do Crosswords was cheating. Pen only. (Al Rushatz flew Mission after Mission attempting to contact Glen when the Vietnamese Regiment Glen was Advising was over run.  Glen led a small group out)

Only 2 Years of eligibility due to a year at Wisconsin – 2 Army A’s.


If you can’t figure out where Glen is — extreem right #27 already returning to the ball.

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