Carl Morin

Carl Rolland Morin, JR

Nickname Curly

Class 1962

Company L-1

Home Town Eau Gallie, Fl.

High School Melbourne High

  • Played against “Bob Anderson” in High School and Beat Cocca Beach.

Date of Entry 1 July 1962

Date of Graduation 6 June 1962

Cadet Rank & Position

  • Lieutenant
  • Platoon Leader

Cullum Number 23899

Height 6′

Weight 185

Teams Football 4,3,2

  • Defensive Half Back, Full Back
  • Too many quailified Players Firstie Year


  • “Col Blaik” Head Coach Plebe Year
  • “Dale Hall” Yearling & Cow

Team Captain

  • “Bill Carpenter” Yearling Year
  • “Al Vanderbush” & “Frank Gibson” Cow Year

Injuries Dislocated Right Elbow Wrestling

Athletic Awards

  • Numerals Plebe Year
  • Monogram Yearling & Cow Years

Few Demerits

Academic Star once as Firstie


  • Soccer, Wrestling and Volleyball


  • Class Committee 3,2,1
  • Russian Club 4,3,2,1
  • Pistol Club 3,2,1
  • Ski Club 4,3,2

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