Vin Murphy

Vincent Edward Murphy

Class 1962

Company L-1

Home Town Winchester, Ma.

High School Winchester High

  • Attended with Joe Belinno, Navy’s Great Back
  • Designated the most underrated Football player in the state

Prep School Columbia Prep – Wash D.C.

  • Sent by Navy as was Joe Belinno the previous year
  • Missed the Navy cutoff score in English by 5 points
  • Recruited by Army which had a lower English score requirement than Navy but a 20 higher Math Score -(see Turnout Stars)

Date of Entry to Academy 1 July 1958

Date of Graduation 6 June 1962

Age at Graduation 23

Cullum Number 24400

Cadet Rank Sgt


  • Entry 5′ 10″
  • Graduation 5′ 10″


  • Entry 185
  • Playing weight 170
  • Graduation 185


  • Plebe Football
  • Plebe Lacrosse


  • Col Blaik Head Coach Football
  • It was either Academics or Football

Position Played End in Football

No significant amount of Demerits

3 Turnout Stars Earned- Math, Thermodynamics, the 3d is for some reason locked out of his mind.

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