Tom Culver

Renaissance Man

Tom Culver led the team in receptions in 1961 year with 20 catches for 305 yards, 15.3 yards per catch. (And we thought Tom spent his time in the dog house, at least some of us less-informed types did.) These ratings seem to be based on yards per catch. His 55-yard reception from Dick Eckert against Navy helped.

Tom briefly (a couple of years) held the single-game reception record, catching 11 passes in the Michigan game in 1960. A vast coaching/media conspiracy robbed him of this legacy as his number of catches were continually reduced (why, we do not know) until he dropped out of the top few, making way for more well-known and loved receivers.

He played on the basketball team but was dropped for a poor performance in a game in which he did not play.

Tom also earned a letter in lacrosse, scoring several goals against Mt. Washington and Navy.

Many know him for his musical group, the Hot Nuts, that played classical pieces in the Weapons Room while officers were present then went into rock and roll when they departed.

Bird watcher, author, golfer, raconteur: truly a renaissance man.

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