Exclusion of Teams from Hall of Fame Consideration

The United States Military Academy’s Mission is to provide a Cadre of Officers for the Nation. Although the Athletic Department and Association of Graduates are not taxpayer funded they must support the Training of the Cadet Corps.

Note addresses have been removed for both privacy and brevity

Selected Comments for and against Hall of Fame Recognition of Teams

1. Letter to Director of Athletics – September 2010

August 29, 2010

Mr. Anderson

I was a Cadet during the period Col Blaik began the rebuilding of the Army Football Team. There was emphasis on Team success over individual success just as we as Cadets were taught the importance and success of a unit over our individual success.

As an Officer I served with the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment; 82d Airborne Division; 11th Airborne Division; 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment; Berlin Command; and 10th Special Forces Group. If you are unaware of the linage of units, suffice it say that some of the Army’s finest leaders led my units. Our success was achieved because of the subordination of our leadership to the success of the Command.

I believe, just as it was impressed upon the Cadet Corps in which I was a member, today’s Cadet Corps, especially in today’s society, must have impressed upon them the over riding importance of Team success over individual achievement.

In its seven years, The Army Sports Hall of Fame has selected some 73 Players, Coaches and Administrators, yet not one Team has received recognition.

I believe such a lack of recognition is a reflection of today’s society which trumpets the importance of the individual rather than the success of the organization. I believe such a lack of recognition is detrimental to the training of the future members of the Officer Corps which must serve this Nation.

Thank you for your time,


J R Shelton

Joe Shelton

Class of 1944

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